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    About a diamond and a half..maybe two....

    For me, this cb to ob distance apart seems to be the 'goldilocks' zone for making balls and manipulating the cb. Seems like most modalities work. Natural rolling cb, force follow, sliding stun, smooth draw, etc. Distances less than about 2/3 of a diamond apart make certain shots more...
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    Crackin' eggs

    I've heard the term used with guys playing golf on the snooker table. What's it mean? A slooooooooow rolling hit?
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    Practice from the chair

    Just thinking out loud... We get one chance to make the shot in a real game. Practicing, I set up the same shot and shoot it numerous times. Set it up, shoot, evaluate, make changes if missed, or if made, attempt to successfully repeat the shot....angle, speed, english...etc. Often, with a...
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    Marking your game after a win

    Do you have a repeatable routine, so that you don't forget? ...immediately afterward (loser racks)? ...after racking (winner racks)? ...allow opponent to mark your wins?
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    Do you pause

    as a part of the final delivery stroke? ...pause at the cb, to end the last practice stroke, then make final delivery stoke, without if it were another full practice stroke??? ...pause(stop) at the back of the delivery stroke, then accelerate forward to strike the cb? ...both...
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    First shot 9ball

    Anybody else notice, shoot this a lot?? .... Maybe it's just me..but it seems that often in selecting the opening shot after the break, a 2rail safe becomes available. Often the 1 heads uptable, and lands on/near short rail, a diamond or more from corner. Generally, balls remain at the foot...
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    That's gotta be a foul

    Player stretches to make a ball in corner. A ball is underneath him near a corner as he stretches for the shot. He shoots, misses, and in getting back up, off balance, his bridge hand knocks the OB into the corner pocket beneath him. (only one ball disturbed)/(was not his additional 'money...
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    You giving the 8

    Playing 9ball Their break, you giving the 8: Where do you put it in the rack and why? Your break, you giving the 8, that has been racked in the second row: How do you break (direction, speed), and why? (don't know why this displays with the 'trail of unused ball imagery') Thoughts...
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    Roll up on

    to another ball after banking away a ball close to rail: In this case bank away the 2, roll up tight to 9(disregarding whether it's the right shot in a given game) Is it a completely 'feel' thing, or do you have a formula approach? Especially when the target ball(9) is a diamond or so...
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    Anniversary nameplates question

    What years/features of Anniversary tables have the flush mounted rectangular vs recessed oval with squared off protruding top...nameplate? thanks
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    Phantom posts WFS

    ICBW: Sometimes I look at For Sale threads... Recently, often a 'latest' post cited on the thread page isn't posted in the thread. Nor is it posted/listed in 'see all posts by member', under 'statistics' when you visit the member's name /demographics page. Story? Admin aware? Phantom post...
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    Rate your Cue ball vs Shotmaking

    I'm getting old. I miss more shots than I used to...well maybe I'm kidding myself about the 'used to'.;) I place much more emphasis on the cue ball than reliance on making shots these days... I'm a big fan of two way shots, and safes these days. Anyone else the same? My cb control is...
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    What's the shot?

    Recent league scenario.... Opponent shooting, getting the 8. What do you like? (cut on 8 is just slightly more than 90 degrees)
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    Credit to Bob Jewett for this win

    Thanks Bob! Yesterday at the senior center....getting my butt kicked again playing 8ball...this came up..opponent is on the 8. My shot with no place to hide. :eek::eek: Made 11 in side, 10 came out for bottom left corner, 8 in side. 11 rolled thru the 10 into the pocket with almost full hit...