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    Best cure light for Solarez?

    Ok, I have decided to try Solarez. Was wondering what you builders that are using Solarez are using for cure lights. Found several flash light style lights, but was looking for 4ft T8 or T12 style lights. What works the best & fastest?
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    CNC taper/shaper machine.

    I looking for anyone who has built a CNC taper machine . Would like to get a detailed set of materials used & even see some pics of some of the builds them self. I have some ideas of what I think I need, but would like to see what some of you all have came up with .
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    Self Stabilizing

    I'm wondering how many cue builders are stabilizing the own wood & if you are what are you stabilizing with? I'll start. I use Cactus Juice from TexTurn.
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    Opinions wanted on clear finishes.

    I'm looking for opinions (workability) on using these cue finishes. 1)cyanoacrylate (super glue). 2)automotive urethane clear coat. 3)Solarez UV cured resin. 4)Crystalac Bright Tone water base clear. I have always used automotive urethane clear, but have been looking at other options. give me...
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    WTB !! Porper Presser Pro linen press!

    Looking for a used Porper Presser Pro linen press or comparable press. Please e-mail me at if you have you your willing to sell. Thanks. Jim