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    Classic Cue Fayetteville GA

    It's a nice clean pool room. They recently got all gold crown's. There is not really any action there.
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    Did Tim Scruggs have his own layered tip?

    I bought an old Hightower lathe and in the box there are some black layered tips that have TS stamped into them. I've installed all kinds of tips and have never seen these.
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    Best poolroom in Austin?

    Joe will you have Jack Cooney on the podcast please? Once he's gone all the gambling stories are too.
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    Sold -:-:-:-:-:-:--- RICK HOWARD 6 POINT WRAPLESS ---:-:-:-:-:-:-

    Where did you get this? This my old cue. It really is a great playing cue.
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    WTB PREDATRO 314-2 5/16-14

    Looking for a 314-2 12.75 mm
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    wtb predator shaft 5/16 -14

    I'll take that 314-2 if slim123 doesn't want it.
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    Mace by rick howard circa 1987

    Rick said the cue was made around 1987 and probably one of the first twelve cues he made. It is not a jump break. The cue was just refinished by Rick and has three shafts one is new made by Rick. The butt weighs 15.1 shafts are 12.75 to 13mm and 3.6 or 3.7 $650.00 OBO Trades will be considered...
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    Josey for sale or trade for a steel joint cue $700

    Looking to sale or trade this blood wood Josey for a steel joint cue other than a schon it has two 13mm shafts and a pressed linen wrap it plays great I just prefer the forward balance of a steel joint Jensen and Gilbert cues are at the top of my list I can add cash as needed
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    Wtb predator shaft for a schon

    Im looking for a predator shaft or a fair deal on a whole cue
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    Sticks Pool Room Live Stream 8 p.m. est.

    Sticks Pool Room 9 ball Tournament 8 p.m. EST. Live 9 Ball Tournament
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    Death of a southern pool legend paul turner

    I regret to inform the pool world that paul turner has passed.Everyone who knew him will miss him he was a funny guy and had some great stories.Some say he was one of the best bar table players ever.But who knows
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    WTB old joss sneaky

    anyone out there have one they want to sell or maybe trade
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    cue raffle

    I want to raffle off my cgnoscenti.But am not sure how to go about it.I am trying to get $1800 for it .How do you determine the winner.Any info or feedback would be appricated