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    Rules question

    You lose your turn. The ball coming out of the pocket and back onto the table occurs all the time. The ball is NOT considered pocketed because it’s now sitting in the bed of the cloth.
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    Rules clarification

    What rules are you looking at? The pros play by WPA, which i posted a link for. Many amateurs play by WPA or BCAPL which are almost identical with just a couple exceptions.
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    Rules clarification

    Ball and pocket.
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    Rules clarification

    See above.
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    Rules clarification

    Some of your assumptions are incorrect. Please review the WPA rules at this link.
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    Passing of Bob Vanover

    So sad to hear about Bob's passing. I had the pleasure to play against him for several years in BCA league. His game was incredible even though his prime days were behind him. I didn't know him that well but we talked several times during league or at league tournaments. One time, my girlfriend...
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    Commentary at the 2013 14.1 World Championship

    I'd like to hear what the opinion of other straight pool fans is regarding the shot by shot commentary during the streamed matches at this year's world championship.
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    70 ball run

    I have a new personal best high run of 70.
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    An evening with 14-1 StraightMan

    Mike and I got together again Friday night at his house and had another great time playing a few races to 100. Game1: Mike had me down 68-52 and then ran 32 and out and continued to 58. Great run Mike! Game 2: I played better and was leading by just a few of balls for the first part of the...
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    Career high run

    There were some ugly moments, but I ran a career high run of 57. For some reason the video didn't catch the shot I missed. I missed shooting the 2 ball down the side rail.
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    36 ball run

    Well it wasn't the best played run and my end patterns weren't the best, but I put together a 36 ball run on video after not recording any video for quite a while due to camcorder problems. I recorded this using the Ustream app on my iPhone 3GS. I felt that the shot I missed was the right shot...
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    LIVE STREAM TALK: Predator World 14.1 Tournament

    Unofficial scoresheet I'm making an attempt at maintaining a nicely formatted unofficial score sheet up to date. The scores listed are from various posts in this and other threads. Hope it is useful.
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    DVDs of 2012 14.1 World Tournament

    I thought it might be a good idea to take a poll to see who would be interested in purchasing DVDs of the 2012 14.1 World Tournament. Of course price would be a deciding factor, but this point of this poll is really to indicate to Dragon Promotions our interest in buying DVDs.
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    Test Poll

    This is a test poll.
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    Williams / Davis

    Does anyone know the score of the Williams / Davis match?