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  • Hey its Kenne...this is my new user name cuz I cant even be giving a 12 yr old girl the 8 without getting my ass kicked LOL....
    Hey man hows it going? Long time no hear from. Living in Plano and unfortunately not playing any pool, I really need to find me a league to get on. Anyway, just thought I would give you a holler & see whats up.
    Nice to meet you too hear on AZ. I will be going back to DCC again, for my 5th time in a row and I will look you up when I get there.
    yup the one and only Fatboy, nice to meet you!!! are you going to the Derby? i posted the $5,000 for the tournment again this year, there is a 80% chance it will happen, the reason for the doubt is the Derby might be slow thid year-there is a tournment in Hanover Germany with conflicting dates,

    nice to meet you,

    if you see me anytime please introduse yourself.

    Hey hey hey i'm out & at home. Hoping to go get me a new phone today so as soon as i get a new number i will give you a shout. Till then i guess i will just try to keep up with you on here. Man it feels good to be home, hope to get on a table with you sometime, not doing anything tonight if you have nothing going on and sam is at home. Let me know something. Later man
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