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    King case 3x4

    Here is a King hairy cow case 3x4 python inserts,two extra pouches,one for chalk other for storage mint condition asking 1200 thanks for looking Sold...thanks for looking
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    Randy Mobley M-22 rack crusher

    Randy Mobley jump/break for sale it's a M-22 rack crusher from Randy nr.5 Cue is in mint condition weight 19.3 oz SOLD...THANKS FOR LOOKING
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    Randy Mobley for sale

    Thanks for looking :D
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    few pics of my Josey..... i have a interested party and dont know how to send pics in msg. crapy pics but the cue looks and plays even better in person
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    question about Mezz HP2

    Does anybody know if i can get a partial (no joint) Mezz HP 2 shaft? Do they make partials? Also if somebody have dor sale one,im looking to buy Thanks :thumbup:
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    Just my Mobley

    Here it is...... :thumbup:
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    FS:two badass Mobley shafts

    FOR SALE:i have two RANDY MOBLEY shafts,brand new unused,not even the test hit,original champion tips,13 mm normal(1") ivory ferrulles.4 oz each shaft Booth shafts have his famous ivory inserts in shaft with logo. The ring work is his standard ivory disk on black collar. Asking price: SOLD...
  8. albu is another DZ cue being build

    I see people are sharing their DZ i decide to show my build :thumbup: Still long way to go....but since i play with his cues before i know what im getting ,i can say that im very excited and can't wait to get it finished. Also Bob is so great guy,his work and communication are top of...
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    JB Mason case

    Just got today this two beautys :D
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    WTB:Titlist blanks

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    Murrell tribute to....

    Here is my new Murrell....old shool :thumbup: Pics are bad i know,i made them with my crap cellphone,but the cue is really nice,made by my askings all together and im very satisfied and happy with. Also Kenny is super nice guy to deal with and for sure this will not be the last cue he made for...
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    King case for sale

    Im selling this superb King case---it have all the funky stuff Case is 3x4 with JB interior,jump compartment,black&white hairy cow with cobra inserts. Asking ----- $ PRICE LOWERED TO ---- $ Sold to dakraljic...thanks Davor
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    Hairy King

    Here is few pics of the case Al made for me. I like the case very much,hope you guys like the case also :thumbup:
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    Murrell build me a tribute.....

    Here is a tribute Kenny build for me ....... familiar look im sure,but i like and cannot help myself :D
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    WTB:Looking for a case

    Looking for a high end case...will pay up to 1000 Usd Thank you