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    Carbon Fiber & Wood

    Since most of the players I’ve been seeing are swapping to carbon fiber....what are y’all doing with your wood shafts? Sitting on them or selling them?
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    WTB: 1x2 or 2x3 JB Rugged

    I need a 1x2 or 2x3 JB rugged or something with Ultra-Pad interior. I don’t need a 2x5/3x4 or a 4x8. Let me know what you’ve got and how much. Thanks.
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    Willie Speed: Dallas Area

    Do any of you guys know if Willie is still making cues? I had him make me a sneaky Pete a while back, but I let a friend borrow it and haven’t seen it since.
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    Molinari V2

    I was wondering if anybody knew where I could get a dark blue Molinari glove for left bridge hand. I can’t find them anywhere.
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    South Bend, Indiana or Close To

    Where are some good places to play around here? Anyone want to meet up and hit some?
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    WTB JB Hustler Case

    I'm looking for a JB Hustler case. I prefer brown leather but will consider black. Prefer one bigger than 1x2, but will consider it. No red interiors.
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    Where is Bergman?

    I haven't seen any matches with him and haven't heard a lot about him this year. I saw that he is 40+ on the AZB money list.
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    Holding Your Breath While Shooting

    Have any of you ever tried holding your breath just before your back swing and all the way through the finish? I've never done this.....that I'm aware of. Do you guys think it would have any effect on your shooting abilities?
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    Can Anyone Identify This Shaft?

    I have a friend of mine that has some shafts that he got in a package deal. Can anyone identify this. He has four of these and this one has what looks like a micarta ferrule, but I'm not 100% sure.
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    Double Shimmed Pockets?

    I was hoping I could get some pictures of some different tables with double shimmed pockets. The good, the bad, and the ugly are welcome.
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    Adjusting to Contacts

    I went today and finally got contacts. I've never wore them before and I've always had glasses. I've been without glasses for over a year and I've just been winging it on the table and holding my own. My question is how did it take for some of you guys to adjust? I have a pretty big money...
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    Looking for a Good Laugh??

    Glenn suggested that I post this here you go. I hope you laugh as much as I did.
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    Rails For a Gold Crown 1????

    I was wondering what some of your thoughts were on the Championship Tour Edition cushions vs the Artemis on a GC1. I'd like to hear what would play best on this table and why if y'all don't mind. Thanks.
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    I'm About to Join the APA......

    Do any of you have any suggestions? I've played BCA and in house leagues, but never APA. A good friend of mine wanted me to join so we could play in a scotch doubles tournament this weekend. I have a few teams I could join or start up a Masters team, which is probably what will happen.
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    What's The Deal With 4% PayPal Fee???

    I want to know where this 4% charge came from that a lot of these sellers on the forum are laying off on the buyer. PayPal charges the seller 2.9% + .30 cents for a sale.......not the buyer. If the seller wants to add that to his price then that's fine and go for it. 2.9% rounded up is 3%...