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    Who was all in on the infamous dumping at Challenge of Champions 1991?

    Bernard Rogoff was one of the $200 bets, Jay. He told me about it, but by the time I made it to the Mirage the odds were dropped to 10-1. I was not 100% convinced that Bunny had the inside info & only bet a $100 at that point.
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    Who was all in on the infamous dumping at Challenge of Champions 1991?

    The Mirage took bets on the tournament for another 4 years. Here is my ticket from 1995.
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    There will be gambling on pool in vegas in the near future

    It would not be the first time you could bet on pool here in Las Vegas. Although the betting at the Mirage was a fiasco. Andy - Las Vegas
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    28th Annual Andy Mercer Memorial 9-Ball Classic!

    It is going to be another great tournament. March 16-18 at The Rum Runner Tropicana here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Andy Hughes - Las Vegas 2018 Andy Mercer Memorial - Current Entries 1. Phil Tatum 2. Andy Hughes 3. Michael Hutcheson 4. Martin Blick 5. Tom Butler 6. Joey Chin 7. Joseph Crugnale...
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    New JB case

    I have a number of JB cases & like them all. You can never have enough pool cue cases! Andy Hughes - Las Vegas
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    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    The Pool Room at Casa de Hughes. Andy Hughes - Las Vegas
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    Anyone else not like Ebony cues?

    I love black & white cues. In 1991 at the International 8&9 Ball tournament at the Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL, I saw Billy Incardona's new black & white Joey Gold cue. It was beautiful! Once I got back home to Las Vegas, I immediately went up to the South West Cues shop & told Jerry I...
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    Favorite South West Wood Combinations???

    Jerry Franklin was one of my best friends. We also played on the same pool team here in Las Vegas for years. He did indeed like Pau Ferro quite a bit. Here is one of my South West cues.
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    Favorite South West Wood Combinations???

    I finally got around to taking a picture of all six of my South West cues. The seventh pictured on the far right is my South West jump cue. Andy - Las Vegas
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    End of days: Pots and Pans

    I first met Bernard in 1970 when I was a teenager back in Los Angeles. I was 18 at the time. My good friend, Dave Stalmac who knew Bernard since Dave was a kid in Pittsburgh introduced us. I remember the 3 of us back then watching a high stakes set of One Pocket between Billy Incardona & Mexican...