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    To glove or not to glove

    Any recommendations on a glove for large hands? The reason I ask is because I wear a 3X golf glove and I only see 2X pool glove. I know they will stretch but that may be a bit much for a stretch.
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    To glove or not to glove

    I ordered a carbon fiber shaft which is on its way and some have told me I should get or at least try a glove. I have shot with a friends carbon fiber with and without a glove. It was slick either way but I will say with the glove it was a little more slick. What are your opinions on this? I...
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    Rogue users...

    Not to hijack the thread but those of you that have the rogue are you happy with it? Il am looking to buy one soon I hope and from reading this so far I may go with the 12.8. Also what are the thoughts with going 30” instead of 29”?
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    New tip

    I'm looking to replace the tip on my pechauer cue. I have been using the pechauer gold medium tip. Someone told me I should check out Kamui tip. They said it holds it's consistency better as it wears down than the pechauer gold tip. G2 was another tip mentioned. Thoughts? Recommendations...
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    Jump cue

    Looking for recommendations for a jump cue. I currently have a jump/ break cue but I borrowed some ones jump cue and found it easier to jump with. I was ok with jump/ break but the jump cue made the other seem difficult. Ha Brands and what I should look for like weight and so on would be...
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    Schon or Pechauer

    I'm new to the forum, but not to pool. I have been looking at getting a new pool cue and it is down to Pechauer and Schon. To be exact it is between the schon cx04 and the pechauer DEC3 50th anniversary edition. I have borrowed a few schons and shot with them and like them, but I have never...