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    Sold John Nemec Sneaky Hoppe (Deno)

    It can't be a real DeanO cue as it has actual pictures ;)
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    Why is Pool so Addicting?

    If you want to get a detailed dissertation on this I recommend "Pleasures of Small Motions" by psychotherapist, author and billiard enthusiast Bob Fancher. PhD.
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    Need professional instructor

    Oh and this guy is in Vegas too. :)
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    Need professional instructor

    Scott Lee is highly recommended by many of us, but if you are determined to get a Pro I believe Max Eberle is based in your area and does lessons:
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    Predator LE Willie-1 with Revo 12.4 Radial, mint condition

    [SOLD] Predator LE Willie-1 with Revo 12.4 Radial, mint condition I am selling a Predator LE Willie-1 with Revo 12.4 radial pin shaft in mint condition. The current total weight is 18oz and I can adjust this upwards if desired before shipping. It is in mint condition with only a...
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    Hacked Ebay account selling pool cues

    Just a quick heads up if you are browsing Ebay today for pool cues the "texasautopart" account appears to have been hacked and is listing a bunch of random sporting goods stuff for $900 each, including a few desirable pool cues. E.G...
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    Nice video on the Dos and Don'ts in a Pool room

    Seems a shame because a few years after making this video the Michigan Student Union Pool room was apparently shut down, but this video is quite good for teaching newbies (and not-so-newbies with bad habits): One odd thing - Has anyone else heard...
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    Opinions on Dynamic III pool table frame

    Has anyone got any experience with the Dynamic III table vs. other popular commercial style tables like the Brunswick Gold Crown and Diamond Pro? They don't get much coverage in the US but seem to be very popular in Europe and used in Euro Tour events. The Dynamic II seems to be pretty similar...
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Aside from the missing piece of side skirt, can you spot the problem with this Gold Crown currently running on Ebay for only $4,999?
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    8 ball racking habits and don't use the 1 ball!

    The World Pool Series (not sure about other tournaments) actually mandate the 1 on the spot, although I agree this can lead to higher wear and tear on the one: They also mandate the same standard racking...
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    I just got a weird text message about a DCC match

    I'm just checking to see if this happened to anyone else - I just got the following SMS text message from a number I didn't recognize (808 area code): "2017 Derby City Classic 10-ball BIG FOOT Challenge: Fidor Gorst defeats Appleton 11-10.... and shoots a respectable .809" The text goes on a...
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    FS: Jerico Cues Stinger Jump/Break cue

    Cupboard clean-out cue #3: This is an original Stinger jump/break cue made by Jerry Powers at Jerico Cues before the design was sold to McDermott. I believe the exact model was the SG1. It is a full splice cue with the original hard leather tip and ferrule. (No phenolic here so you can use...
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    FS: Predator Air jump cue

    CUE IS SOLD, THANKS. Cupboard clean-out cue #2: First-generation Predator Air jump cue. Comes with original phenolic tip with carbon fiber pad and a Predator soft carrying bag. This cue has numerous digs, dents and scratches, including a few through the black finish. (See the pictures)...
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    FS - Cheap Jump/Break/Play with extension

    Cupboard clean-out cue #1: I don't know the maker of this cue. It has been setup with both a playing shaft and a dedicated break shaft. Butt has a second joint for jumping as well as an extension that screws in after removing the rubber bumper. (Note the rubber bumper fit a little lose so I put...
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    Mezz have adjustable weights in shafts?

    Just noticed this on the Mezz website about "SWS" (Shaft Weight System) that appears to place a small weight bolt into the base of a shaft just passed the end of the threaded section. Seems like an interesting idea for fine-tuning balance...