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    How to change thread title?

    Took care of it. Mike
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    How to change thread title?

    The mod is pretty easy to deal with. I can ask him for you, if you would like. Mike
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    Predator Championship League Pool Sky, Shane and Fedor have backed out.
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    Archer vs Dominguez

    I just paid winners on the event.
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    New American Billiards Radio Episode with Jeanette's agent Tom George

    Just a heads up for everyone. You can skip ahead 10 minutes or so to get past my opinion stuff and get to the meat of the episode...
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    Anyone here enter match results into FargoRate for league?

    I helped a friend with getting their in house league results into Fargo a couple of years ago. Basically, Mike Page gave me an excel template and I just filled in the data and sent it to him. It was roughly 30-45 minutes a week to keep it current. I think that was about 10-12 teams. Been long...
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    Happy birthday....

    Thank you to everyone. I had a great birthday.
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    What I believe is the most pure form of pool

    Danny, while we appreciate your uncensored opinions here on the site, can you rein in the attacks against other users. There is no question that you are highly qualified in the subjects that you post about here, you are still over the line sometimes in this and other threads. Thanks for...
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    I sympathize with Billy Thorpe

    I don't know if he was still manning the camera or not.
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    I sympathize with Billy Thorpe

    My understanding is that it was $200 a rack action after the day's matches were over. The streamer was there to stream the tourney and left the camera going to catch the action. Both Billy and Robb had to know they were on the streaming table though.
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    I sympathize with Billy Thorpe

    I do think we will see a lot more of the top players request there be no stream when they are gambling after an event. I just saw on Facebook last night that Aranas was playing John Morra in Vegas and Morra requested that it not be streamed. I don't think his request was connected to this...
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    I sympathize with Billy Thorpe

    We don't know what kind of pressure Cuetec was under.
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    Chris Robinson v. Danny Olson

    It looks like it is a free stream by Ship The Cash. I believe it will be at Mike
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    How to delete pm's (conversations)?

    It will be visible if you click on "show all" at the bottom of the "conversation" drop down box.
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    1 per person? nope.. 1 per household.

    Thanks for the heads up. This is cleared up. Mike