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  • Hi there, can you please delete one of my posts in the "Wanted" forum. It is titled "

    WTT 29 " Revo 12.4 BVP Radial for a Revo 12.9 Radial." the post that does not have pictures attached. Thank you, Headmuses. ps sorry about the bold type.

    Please help! I wanted to check on post to see how it was going and couldnt find it again, do I need to go in and make sure the phots are there when I do the posting?
    Mike ... in the latest issue of Buzz you got the "Caption this photo" winner wrong. Better, worse or the same was my entry on April 26th, post #14. Just sayin'
    Since the format has changed, searching for anything, seem so cumbersome, difficult, and ineffective. I have communicated with others who feel
    the same. I just don't see any advantage that came from the change. Is there any chance that things
    could revert or be simplified and improved in regards to improving search capabilities? Thank You
    Hi, I am trying to remove a website address in my signature but don't seem to have access to edit it.
    Pete Campbell
    As there's a "thumbs up" for a conversation, how about a "thumbs down" for a conversation?
    you guys just deleted 2 new for sale cues posts of mine and im confused why
    it takes me like 20 minutes just to list an item with the way i have to put the pictures on here
    im confused as to why delete my 2 new threads and not just delete my 3 sold cues. please let me know what going on. i just bought a gold membership today too so i could post more for sale items
    I have recently joined and have no permissions under User Control Panel, even after logging in. Also, the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page seems broken. What gives?
    Having trouble with photos. Says no file chosen when I try to upload. Also says upload of file failed.
    It's Mitch...Nine o Nine again. I still can't stay logged in.........??????? I think I'll post on the b oard and see if anyone else has this problem.
    Mike I know im late on the tee shirt order . But I would definitely love to order when it’s time to . If you could let me know to do so . Thank you very much . Eric
    Can you PLEASE help me out?I have a sale post and can’t get pics to download. I’ve successfully downloaded the same pics to a Facebook post and just can’t figure out how to make it work here. I can select the pic but when I click the upload button and after waiting, it would say the upload failed.

    Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated



    I do not have a paypal account. Is there a way to use a credit card on PayPal or can I send you a check?

    Mike, Thank You Very Much. You left my last post. Did you do that intentionally? It sort of seem out place now. If you like, I can wipe it & replace it with a Thank You to You.

    Have you looked at Cookies recent posts going back to when DTL referred to me a Child Molester? You acted quickly then. Please do so again? Also, just for your info. Low500 has wiped out 5 of his last 10 posts including the OP of a thread that he opened. I do not want to make you regret allowing me back, but those 2 have come after me with crap Including this Vile Disgusting Stuff from Cookie. Please give it some significant time to settle down before thinking that you may have made a mistake. Also, are you aware that my HMLT is in the off position. I can not post any pics as has been requested by a few of the guys. Thanks in Advance, Rick

    Thanks for taking care of that for me. You were right btw, I did find my activation link in my 'spam' folder. I thought I checked it, but I must've somehow missed it. Thanks again.


    Rich "Megatron69"
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