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    9 ft Brunswick Ventura 2 and diamond k55 rails

    Will the diamond k55 rails fit the 9ft Brunswick Ventura 2 pool table. my friend Roy Pastor is the league operator and is replacing 10 of these tables at the Billiards Cafe in Ayer MA and he has a discount with Diamond. I just want to make sure he orders the right profile rails from Diamond...
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    Joe Callaluca cue

    Collectible Item Only cue Joe ever did with bridged veneers curly maple oak was from his parents back yard in Littleton MA May let it go for the right price. PM me offer. pictures below
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    Predator Roadline Sneaky, 1st Edition 3k7, McDermott Snap-On Cue and Case

    selling a few things to fund my trip to Vegas. (1) Predator Road line Sneaky with extra length wrap w/ Z2 shaft. practically new. $320 + $20 shipping (2) Predator 3k7. 1st Edition. Used some blemishes. Original MSRP approx $1100. Buy used here for $550 + $20 Standard Shipping (3)...
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    looking for a predator 2k7

    does anyone have a predator 2k6? i have a 3k7 for straight trade. i like the 5/16x14 joint vs. the uniloc joint better.
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    fake joss on ebay seller does state that the butt is fake ... i think the shaft is fake too b/c Joss doesn't make that thread
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    fake predator on ebay?

    this "predator" looks like a fake?? can anyone tell if it is really a predator? ok...
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    shaft of GC5 Brunswick 50th anniversery cue does anyone know who made the shaft for the GC5? does anyone know you made the butt of the GC5 50th Anniversy cue? does anyone have a used one for sale? I thought these...
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    HELP!!! Diamond 9ft professional rail and skirt disassembly

    help right now i have a 9ft diamond profession the rails and skirt is one unit and it cant fit into the hallway into my poolroom are there instructions to take the rails and skirt apart... any help would be appreciated... thanks. pictures would be nice.
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    9ft Diamond table in New England

    looking for 9ft Diamond Table with matching lights in New England area. anyone selling ?
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    SP Judd Fuller 2006 for sale

    For sale here is a Judd Fuller Sneeky Pete 2006 $400 + $20 shipping I think it is about 18 to19oz. 58" The joint has a 3/8 x 10 pin Payment via paypal only. Please email me or call me directly at 781^^^308^^^. 8227 sorry for the pic quality... it is from my camera phone. Rubber Butt cap...
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    Schon wrapless STL-21 for sale

    MSRP for $1100, on web for $825 Im selling it for SOLD including ship there is also option to buy predator Z2 shaft for another $150 (only if STL-21 cue is purchased) The STL-21 forearm is crafted from figured Birdseye Maple and the no- wrap throat & butt sleeve are made from beautifully...
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    Predator 3 for sale

    used wrapless predator 3 for sale for $550+ $20 shipping and handling butt cap was replaced for generic rubber (looks fine) just noticed a small nick no the upper end of butt... won't show up on pic. Payment via paypal only,,, also willing to do escrow with a senior member of AZBilliards...