9 ft Brunswick Ventura 2 and diamond k55 rails


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Will the diamond k55 rails fit the 9ft Brunswick Ventura 2 pool table.

my friend Roy Pastor is the league operator and is replacing 10 of these tables at the Billiards Cafe in Ayer MA and he has a discount with Diamond. I just want to make sure he orders the right profile rails from Diamond.

Thanks in advance.
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We had this discussion on the phone, As I mentioned then, the Diamond black cushion is fully compatible with the Brunswick rail. I've done many replacement sets on Brunswicks in the past with very good results.

I know Roy as well and he does get a discount from Diamond. I'm the Diamond dealer for New England and A Diamond authorized mechanic and stocking dealer. Trust me you can use the Diamond Black cushion.

In the proposal I sent you, the quote was for labor only, you were going to provide the Simonis cloth and the cushions. I'm a stocking dealer for both items and would be glad to provide a quote with materials included if you wish.