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    how to best remove cue "glassy" finish?

    If it's not a laminated shaft use a quality brand paint stripper. Make sure to mask the ferrule and joint collar first.
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    Odd design of the Tiger Pro shaft with screw visible

    I weighed a customers Revo 12.9mm the other day, it was 4.3oz. I compared it to 2 cf shafts I made from blanks which were 12mm (3.1oz) and 13mm (3.4oz) . Was quite a surprise to me
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    Rubber wrap for break cues

    Not the answer your looking for but a little bees wax on a stack wrap gives you excellent grip and feel. I understand if you don't like it but it helps on the cue I have that I wrapped with stack years ago. On another tack , I've recently made a break cue with a carbon fiber butt . It's a little...
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    Looking for info on the size of the hollow section of a Z2 shaft

    I've done quite a few of these over the years with fairly good success rate. As the usual repair guy in my state (South Australia) I do a hell of a lot of cue repairs and delaminated 314's or Z's are pretty common with American style cue's. VERY GENTLY drill in to the hollow section to clean it...
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    Cuetec Cynergy making a “tink” sound

    Only because some people think you need to drive the tip pic in rather than a rapid gentle tap.
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    Red fiber and red acrylic pads....

    either or both Fibre Tip Pads | Tips | Billiard Supplies | Products | elforyn Onlineshop Cue Tips – Kamikaze Cue Tips
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    Artificial tips?

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    Carbon shaft joint question

    I fill with foam (rigid) but at that stage only an undersize hole has been drilled. Then drill and tap for the uni-loc insert
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    Another Revo silencer pad question/juma pad

    Thank you to all and in particular Michael Webb for the advice regarding Loctite Gel, DAP Rapidfuse and in general, the customer is very happy with the result , his cues playing very well and very consistent for him. Ended up using a traditional red fibre pad, small juma pad and then the kamui...
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    Best Lathe to buy for joint work and pin insertion $$

    That works fine for me with uni-locs and the like but I agree with the other member who said it can take a bit of messing around to get things truly centred . That's mainly because I turn a lot of peoples 1 piece cues in to centre join 2 piece or 3/4 join cues and also replace old or broken...
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    Rocket Tips (water buffalo)

    Lol.still got most of a box of these. Soft and flat ! Not how I normally find wb tips
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    Another Revo silencer pad question/juma pad

    Yes I bring the tailstock forward with a live centre which has a flat face insert I machined up , holds it nice n flush n firm . This time I indeed used a little 180 or slightly coarser to rough it up a little. Also used the loctite gel to stick the fiber pad on. Then put the juma on, then the...
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    Another Revo silencer pad question/juma pad

    It feels very flat I just wondered if I'm making it a bit too smooth facing it off at 1000 rpm, it does feel super flat and smooth after and putting a piece of hardened tool steel against it there's no gap or wobble. And yes, I would normally leave a tiny amount of the old tip but in this case...
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    Another Revo silencer pad question/juma pad

    Just for interests sake this is from predator faq's "What type of glue should be used for the tip replacement? First preference is 3M’s DP420 or DP460. This epoxy had the strongest adhesiveness to the tip silencer during our testing. A second option is West system’s G5 glue. Other super...
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    Another Revo silencer pad question/juma pad

    Im guessing with the Dap rapid fuse you would use the all purpose not the wood glue ?