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  • That's been happening ever since I started going on AZ. That's the price you pay for free sales in my honest opinion. I see the same thing is happening all the time on every forum (not just on AZ) and I don't see that changing. Responding back to someone is not considered a "Bump". If you want to sell for free then you gotta deal with your stuff getting bumped down and bumping up your products every 48 hours. I rarely scroll through the "For Sale" stuff anyway (and I assume most smart people do that also). If I am looking for something, then I just use the search function and find it that way. If its on AZ, I'll find it no matter how far down the page it's located. I totally understand as I have sold several cues here before and I had to deal with the same thing. However, it still is just a free forum and people need to relax just a bit. Take it easy and have a great weekend!!!
    It's the no bumps or responses for 48 hours rule that he and I were refering to. He should not have responded in your thread, a PM or visitor message would have been the right thing to do. If you basically have a conversation in your thread it bumps it to the top of page one indefinitly. While a guy like me falls to page 12 or farther when I don't bump for 48 hours. Not trying to be the forum police, just friendly advice. Somebody will report it to Jerry and then the ball gets rolling.

    are the fish biting? I used to love fishing-but I never caught a fish, one time I went on a charter in Cancun in 95 there were 5 boats that went out-I was on the only boat that didnt catch a fish, I have million more stories like that, fish are smart and can see me comming. I love bass fishing, those guys on TV are amazing, I know they are edited but in 2 years I caught maybe 5 bass-little tiny guys. I cant catch trout in a stocked lake-its that bad

    I hope you have a great new years,


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