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  • Hi Brian. I've been trying to find an email address to contact you. But apparently without luck, since I have not heard back from you. So I thought I'd try you here.

    I think our products and approaches are compatible. I'd like to speak privately with you about some possible collaborations. Email me at AimPro.Billiards@gmail.com. Thank you.
    Howdy Brian, been lookin at poology video on you tube Purty heavy material there. Just wondering on your straight pool post (as) you had me run listed as 352. Did I miss count or is that part of the universal code that I'm a little off? OK thanks - Danny Harriman
    Quote: ..... Anyone else trying to download the new edition should pm and I'll straighten it out.

    Trying to download the new version just gets the original one.

    Hope you get things sorted out.
    File is coming your way. Give me 10 minutes and you'll have it. Thanks!
    The digital version (Epub) is 9.99 on Lulu.com, but if you'd like it in PDF format, send $10 via PayPal to brian_crist@ymail.com and I'll email it to you. If you'd want it emailed to a different address than your PayPal, just me know.

    My agreement with lulu press is that I won't make it available in other formats online, other than what is available on www.lulu.com. So if you decide to buy the PDF please do not upload it to any websites or make it available to the public.

    I purchashed your Poolology book last night as an E-Book and went over it. I really like the math approach for it is undeniably accurate. I will use it to determine angles that are too hard to read. Thank you for your contribution to the pool world.
    Thank you very much! If you aren't 100% satisfied with the material,
    I will gladly buy it back from you. Please let me know what you think
    of it after you get it and spend a little time with it.


    I ordered your book. I'm kind of a junkie about getting all books pool related. Hope it's a good one. Peace!
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