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    2014 Guerra

    nice Guerra cue 2 shaft 13mm straight together and a part just small scratch in butt sleeve and one shaft very tight putting together ....... sale pending
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    some goodies f/s

    # 1 2014 Guerra wrapless 2 shafts both 12.90 mm 3.76 oz non ivory ferrules on Kamui med and one Elk Master only issue it's very tight to put together otherwise shoots great and straight ........... 450.00 # 2 Schon 13 shaft 13 mm at 4.1 oz with Ivory ferrule not original and red pad with...
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    FT Mcdainel MacAttack

    mint condition no dings or dents straight together and apart 12.75 shaft 3.75 oz really looking for a Schon Black Widow sneaky or a nice Scruggs sneaky let me know what you got ...... Paul
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    L/F thin ring Mcdainel shaft

    let me know ...... thnx Paul
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    old Bob Frey sneaky

    wanna get a new shaft made for an older Bob Frey sneaky I just came across .. just wanted to know if he still does repairs and shafts or who to contact ... thnx Paul
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    nice Huebler and Huebler case

    really nice basic Huebler no dings or dent nice and straight with a 13 m.m. tip and mint wrap nylon through ewwwww... sold
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    Predator Instrokes

    I have 2 for sale both mint one brand used the other minty fresh 150 each ...
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    couple real nice sneakys

    1. 1994 Judd sneaky 13.01 mm shaft sold 2. Original Phantom Dufferin mint pin in shaft 150.00 3. Paul Sumrall Dufferin converstion with his shaft 3/8 x 10 and yellow micarta ferrule and moori med. tip , 13mm and 4.0 oz shaft plays real sweet 250.00
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    nice Schon Skull cue f/s f/t

    real nice Schon Skull cue with black textured leather wrap and 1 13mm Schon 13 shaft 4.1 oz, butt 15.2rolls straight together and apart no dings or dents ....SOLD in 5 minutes
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    i apoligize for the nasty post about Flowerpower2016 in all opinions maybe i jumped to conclutions to quickly i want to publicly apoligize holeheartedly to (FLOWERPPOWER2016) and hope that everone does not hole this against him .... MY FAULT ...... sorry
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    Beware of flowerpower2016

    We talked and worked it out ......... sorry for my quick jump to conclutions i apoligize Flowerpower2016 PLEASE everyone don't hole that against him ..... sorry Paul
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    f/s f/t It's George Merrywidow Cue

    anybody got anything nice to trade ..... will post pics later ... TRADE PENDING
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    l/f a Poison 2.9 Black Belt Break shaft

    anyone have one ... shattered mine
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    f/t Mottey J/B for a Schon R series

    especially a R-8 ... will add cash .... post pics soon
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    MacAttack f/s f/t

    19.1 oz ... 12.5 m.m. tip with black Kamui s.s. 600.00 or trade for a nice 3x6 case one small chip in the finish in the handle area ..... otherwise real nice