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    BHQ missing

    im still alive.... just had to quit cues... in 2018 my Dad began in home hospice care... it was more than i ever thought it would be to handle . He made it as difficult as possible on my wife & i .... was just too overwhelming.. The day i reached across to lathe to "turn it on" as it was already...
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    Sad news about Pdcue

    Dale Pierce passed away about 10 days ago he was a hoot, sure gonna miss his bs :sad:
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    Lomax & bhq collaberation cue

    steve has the cue i will let him add the info, specs, etc. into this thread. pics here
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    Collaberation cue lomax & bhq

    1st collaberative cue for me i think it is for steve also my handle design from a previous cue steve's boxes & inlays steve will have cue at expo
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    African blackwood & lizard

    AFRICAN BLACKWOOD & LIZARD PRINT WRAP 58" cue 3/8" x 10 . 308" brass pin Juma "Rook" ringwork Tomahawk ferrules with Ultraskin medium tips
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    Old Bfly Conversion

    My Dad's Double Bfly cue. Katz or Brunswick, not certain. Purpleheart & i think Mahogany . Carved his initals KH in it. He said they would just leave in the rack at the poolhall. Cant do that nowadays He bought in 1951 for his 15th birthday for $15 new Gave it to me back when i was in high...
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    Leather Rings

    I first did linen looked at it for a day or two and decided to change to Lizard print i think it took me longer to do the two 1/4" wide wraps than it did the handle:eek: I have no idea if anyone has done this before
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    Weird Bocote for a Combat Vet

    Rob saw pics of the cue in progress a couple months ago and wanted it, REALLY wanted it . Long story short is , he had sent me a downpayment to hold the cue for him. He was going to have to make installments on it over a period of several months. I wanted to get the cue to him before then...
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    Necessity is the mother of invention?

    boy oh boy oh boy, brenster made a bad choice using holly in some rings, although i have before without any troubles. but this time, no such luck. epoxy into the end grain turned it funky nasty. looked horrible. wasnt about to tear cues apart so i started thinkin', narrow leather ring over...
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    Arnot Wadsworth passed away

    Arnie was always helpful & kind to me when i began building cues back in 2005
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    World War 2 Sheldon lathe

    backstory lathe is US Army WW2 tailstock is not the original, scavenged from another Sheldon lathe. various shims are under it, it's a mess. want to get a riser plate made. to determine how low it is , without all that crap in there, i can indicate on top of an alignment bar i had made. i got...
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    Birdseye 4 steven j

    Hey photobucket, screw you
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    bocote merry widow

    :wink: no, it's not one solid pc of bocote 2 plus 2 cores
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    X's & O's Hugs & Kisses

    one of my old high school chums (female) dubbed it " the hugs & kisses cue"
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    Birdseye & stingray print wrap