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    smoking or no smoking

    Is smoking allowed inside your pool hall?
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    longer cue

    I have always used 58 " cues. I tend to grip toward the back of the linen. If I were to switch to a 60 inch cue, will the weight of the cue have to heavier since there is 2 inches of additional cue? Say if I normally shoot with a 19 oz, what kind of weight difference should I expect, if any...
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    Table identification

    I can measure and find out. Meanwhile, here is a close up shot of the leg that I had taken.
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    What can I do to make it easier on the mechanic before he/she arrives to recover slate and level table? Thanks
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    T Rails

    bolt Here is one by itself.
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    T Rails

    bolts It does. I will attach a pic of the bolts. The rail bolts are on the bottom.
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    Table identification

    pocket It has drop pockets. I will attach a picture of one for you. I have them off the table right now, so please forgive the duct tape. I just have it on them temporary. Thanks for your help. If you need more information, I will try to get it.
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    Fb 10

    What kind of results does a glue like 3M Fast-Bond10™ provide when putting on felt?
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    Table identification

    I'm not sure of the model of this table. Does anyone recognize the model?
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    T Rails

    What years did Brunswick make T rails for their tables?
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    linen wear

    I have a cue that I bought in the mid 80's.. I like to feel the linen vs having something over it to give added protection. I say it's added protection from the elements, I don't know for sure. Anyway, my question, for the rewrap of the irish linen, Do I need to go to the maker of the cue...
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    chipped slate

    What are some of the better or best material/method to repair slate when there are chipped pieces? These places tend to be close to where the rails are. thanks
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    rail bolt broken off

    head stamp I checked the rails and the three pieces slate. They all have the same serial #. I removed the staples and looked under the cloth at the head of the table. There was the word "head" stamped in all capital letters. So, what is the correct order for the rails? Each rail has...
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    rail bolt broken off

    another pic Here is a group shot. One of the ones on the bottom is like the one that is broken off inside the slate I expect.
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    rail bolt broken off

    bolts I want to attach a picture of one of the bolts.