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  • Did you receive my reply re: Eddie Cohen Q, reguarding shipping costs.

    Beside your are in ahot place, don't want this sitting roasting.
    Dan,i'll take the brown and black 2x4 case, I would like to have it in less than 10 days, if that's possible. I just ordered a case from Joe Whitten it won't be ready in time for the US Open one pocket tournament in Vegas. If you could send it to my address I would appreciate it. I'll be leaving Dallas today for Alabama and may have a problem paying you but you can contact Jay Helfert and i'm sure he will pay you for me, if not contact me and i'll put money into your checking account,. Thanks.

    William Incardona 1409 S. Lamar St. #815 Dallas Tx. 75215 Cell# 702-286-4386

    Thanks, Bill Incardona
    yes i will send you pics, i have to find them. The cue is at my other house 375 miles away or i'd shoot you some new ones, let me look and see if I can find them. its blue/black/white veneeers and ivory everything
    hey this is tim cole i am going to send this cue out today do you want me to send it right to ed or to you take care tim i called you this morning forgot you where in cali you are 3 hours behind me 765 993 7050
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