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    TAR 25 Day 3 Recap

    Whew, where do i start.... Well after the first two days we stand evan at 1 set a piece. For those who didnt get the stream i have mixed feelings as im writing this, i will do my best to describe what NASTY the fan saw. I was very well educated to the lack of respect these two have for each...
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    tim scruggs ino please

    i need to get in touch with me info thanks...nasty
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    RARE SCHON for sale

    taking cash offers for this loaded up rare limited, new leather wrap, tons of ivory with purpleheart,,cue is 59 inchs butt weighs 15.3 oz shaft weighs 3.6 pm me with cash offers...thanks for your time..
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    NEW KING CASE for sale

    new 2x4 king for sale tookit in on tradeand need to move it, WILL TRADE FOR SCHON CUE AND CASH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    new jack justis 2x4

    title says it all taking cash offers or trades pm me....thanks :thumbup:
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    wanted sledgehammer shaft from

    wanted sledgehammer shaft from the original series sledgehammers! pm me with what you got! thanks nasty
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    3 It's George 1x2 cases $135 each shipped

    $135 each shipped, OBO. =============================== =============================== =============================== ===============================
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    F/S $350 Shipped

    New OB Cue With Maple cocabolo Butt weighs 14.7 oz OB2 shaft weighs 3.8 oz Standard OB2 shaft First $350 takes it, shipped.
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    F/S $350 Shipped

    BCM Custom Cue Maple forearm Leather wrap Ebony butt sleeve Aegis joint collar Standard BCM pin Butt weight - 14.7 oz Shaft weight - 3.8 oz - 13mm Condition 98/100 First $350 takes it, shipped.
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    F/S $500 shipped

    New Fisher custom cue Beautiful Bocote forearm Maple handle Bocote butt Elkhorn joint and butt sleeve 2 shafts Butt weighs 14.8 First shaft weights 3.9 - 13mm Second shaft is 3.7 - 13mm Condition 99/100
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    F/S $250 shipped

    A beautiful all-ebony Jacoby Stainless steel joint 5/16 x 14 pin Butt weighs 14.8 ounces Shaft weighs 4.7 ounces Standard 13mm diameter Standard length Condition: 95/100 First $250 takes it, shipped.
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    Fischer custom cue and Its george 1x2 case

    i have a fischer cue with 2 shafts its a beautiful cue with elk horn butt cap and joint cap stripe maple handle and great coc forearm and butt sleeve! casee is like new also! looking for 600 shipped email me for pics! thanks chad
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    Jacoby ebony player with Its george 1x2 case

    i have a real nice all ebony jacoby player weighs 19 oz plays real good. comes with its george 1x2 that is like new email me for pics looking for 375 shipped! thanks chad
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    BCM player with Its George 1x2

    i am selling a couple of cue and case combos! this is a bcm player with leather wrap maple forearm and ebony butt! 19 oz cue is like new its george case is a nice 1x2 nearly perfect also!500 or offers! thanks chad email me for pics?
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    valley tables

    i have 12 valey coin opps with coin mechs! will sell all for 7k pm or call1-605-310-4760 chad