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    Pocket Size

    I've got 4.75" sides and it can be a bear lol. Rewarding but demanding at the same time. Also, had a new top reworked at 4.125" but kept the sides 4.75" because 4.5" sides have gotta be insane from what I've seen on Dazn.
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    Are all cushion profiles created equal...?

    Superspeeds play great. They don't cost whole lot in the end. I actually got a set from Trent. Also opted for a new set of cushions to be installed while my pockets were being reworked. The Superspeeds play similar to a Blue Label, imo. I have no issue switching between the two table brands...
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    Gold Crowns

    I have a 4 and love it. But haven't played on a 1 or 2 in a long time. Never seen a 5 or 6 in the wild either.
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    GC IV Pocket angle correction ?

    Can always send the rails to Mark Gregory or Jack Zimmerman and rework them.
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    G2 Medium vs Zan Medium

    I've tried a G2 and a Zan Medium, both on Revo shafts and prefer the Zan. The Zan has been on my Revo for nearly 8 months and it doesn't need replacing yet. The G2 is similar but my buddy plays less as well. The 1080 chalk is my least favorite of all chalks, nest to Silver Cup, but that has no...
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    What is Simonis saying on their Timeline

    I've read they are as far as two years behind but have no evidence, merely internet words. I have a cut of 860HR I'm holding onto until my new rails get installed. Gonna wear this current 860 out completely. But I'll use 860HR as long as they make it. Played on 3030 Tour quite a bit (which...
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    Jump Cues.....what's the best out there right now.

    J. Flowers but the price has gone up. I paid $320 for mine and it out jumps every one I've tried. Hanshew, Air 2, Air Rush, etc. I'd pay $420 for it all day.
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    Got my game room finished and my table installed

    Room looks awesome!
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    Diamond Professional red oversize 8 foot - what cushions?

    I try to keep my table room at under 60% humidity. Usually around 45-50%. Temp stays around 72-74 degrees in the summer. Warmer in the winter obviously. Also check rail bolt torque? Its not a Diamond, but I check my GC4 once a year just to be sure that nothing has changed.
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    Custom BEM into Ebony Sneaky

    Cue came in Friday. Man this thing hits great. Tossed the Revo on it and off we go. Very solid. I'm trying to take some pics but the ones he sent me are better than the ones I can get myself lol.
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    Custom BEM into Ebony Sneaky

    Built by StudioTronics. Check out the YouTube channel. Very good videos. Have yet to hit with it because it has not arrived yet. Very soon though. BEM into Ebony forearm, no veneers, no inlays, radial pin, roughly 18.5-19oz with a Radial 12.9mm Revo. Communication was rock solid. I was always...
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    Extra top for Gold Crown 4?

    Finished rails are in route as well as a cut of 860HR. I'll get some pictures up once everything arrives. Probably be a little while before install though, the current cloth isn't worn out yet.
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    Diamond Wire Ball Holder

    I used the one pocket ball holders on my GC4 and it works great. The Diamond wire holder worked but had a strange angle. I still kept it in case I end up using it though.
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    Best 3 piece slate 7ft table?

    Could you find a less expensive bar box and cut the slate in half? Reassemble like a 3 pc would but only be a 2 pc. Just a thought.
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    Trans debate arrives into Pro woman’s Billiards

    Just make a trans league...for every sport. So they just compete against each other? No interference with existing Men and Women's leagues. I'm sure that won't make them happy though.