Family, Billiards, Sports
Western New York, USA and Southern Ontario, Canada
Steady job with Benefits, Pension, 401K and Headaches.


Cues: Tascarella-5, Hercek-4, Cantando-2, B. Szamboti, Black Boar, Showman, Brick, Brunswick-2, Viking-4, Mali, Dufferin-3

Want: Ginacue, Searing, Manzino, Cochran, Prewitt, Mobley, Haley, Southwest, G. Szamboti, Balabushka,

JP's: Danny Sergeon-5, Alton Takata-5, Cantando-2, Steve Kornele-2, Jim Baxter, etc

Cases: Huebler-6, Its George-4, Engles-3, Ron Thomas(Black Boar, Showman, Szamboti)-3, Instroke-2, ONeill, Whitten(Hercek), Centennial, Fellini, Palmer, Mac Tube, Porper, etc.

Cues & Cases: If it's in my Online Photo Albums then I'm willing to listen to offers:


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