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    Questions About Cues

    Yes, the 19 should be 19oz. The Made in England pretty much precludes the Rich cues I'm aware of.
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    Questions About Cues

    I think there were two separate Rich cues, one in the northeastern US (NY maybe) and another in Florida. There may have been overlap and they may be known as RichQ...
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    how to design a true parabolic/conical tapered cue- ?

    A parabolic, hyperbolic or dang near any conic section curve on a cue will start narrow at the tip and gradually get wider toward the butt. In order to get 'bumps' the curve has to change to be shallower or more acute at various places on the cue. That's no longer going to be a single curve...
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    Except in modern versions of Windows it's no longer in an Accessories folder. :) So, just Start-Notepad.
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    Tacky Irish Linen Wrap due to Humidity

    It can also happen if it hasn't been starched correctly...
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    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    Uh, wouldn't you be .125" from center on a .250 rod?
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    can remove epoxied weight bolt? if so, how?

    You size the weight bolt to match what your design specs are. Once it's correct you shouldn't even need to change the bolt, hence the epoxy. Tuning the cue to the player is typically only done the one time.
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    Advice on Willie Hoppe Cue

    It's certainly repairable, but someone is likely going to have to actually look at it before you'll be able to get a solid estimate. It will also depend on whether you want a good player or a full restoration.
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    Jump shaft question

    If you want to build a short cue like that that's heavy, think of a masse cue instead.
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    Artificial tips?

    They are already using phenolic tips for break cues, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see other synthetics at least tried.
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    Another stacked leather wrap question

    I would think that with the thin material we typically use on clues, stacking the leather sideways like that wouldn't be strong enough, you would end up with mealy bits coming off over time. Remember we're typically talking about only 0.025" or so thick. Now if you turned down that portion of...
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    What is the most important thing in your shop?

    Maybe the electricity? :)
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    As with everything, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It shouldn't make any difference in play, given everything else is identical, but if the wood is of poorer quality a full splice will be likely to warp less than a solid shaft.
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    Rookie as hell tool questions about Hightower delux

    Just like in real life. :)
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    Meucci: Removal of Clear Coat from Linen Wrap

    You pretty much need to put a new wrap on...