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    brackets for 9ball open

    anyone can post?
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    Recommendations for a beginning one pocket book?

    Tom Wirth - Controlled Aggression, videos and the book great place to start with a wonderful game
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    1993 Pro Tour Cards

    Brand new in the original wrapped box. Not really looking to part with them but PM me with an offer ...
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    1993 Pro Tour Cards

    No response ...
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    Major Tournaments $$

    I'll put together some numbers Thanks Bob Thank You Jay for the PM
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    Major Tournaments $$

    Any help would be appreciated ... Any one major tournament info needed In particular, looking for total prize money of that tournament, how much added, and 1st place payout Examples - Dubai tournament - $200k total with $40k paid to the winner. Not sure of the added money Turning Stone -...
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    Dechaine just chopped up Busty, but he's not even considered for MC.

    This seems to be accurate as well Representing the US seems to bring some excessive pressure. We have a wealth of talent but can't overcome. We are not gambling in the backroom fellas, USA just can't seem to differentiate the atmosphere Maybe the attitude changes this year
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    Dechaine just chopped up Busty, but he's not even considered for MC.

    Don't need to look at any more posts here ... this captured my thoughts exactly
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    1979 us open 9-ball

    I went to a couple of these :smile: Thx for the memories ... RIP Barry
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    Open invite for action in Casper WY...

    What you're doing is definitely going in the right direction But I always liked to play the 'champions'. Just get a handicap imo. They will spot you if they are any kind of gentleman player Yes, always play better players All the best with your game ...
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    why everyone should learn one pocket

    totally agree ... once you really get into it, you become addicted absolutely the best game of pool
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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Correction: Jack and his wife had their situation at The Golden Cue in Bladensburg But while we are talking closed poolrooms - I'm kind of partial towards 'The Playing Field' in Richmond Va. DC area, Jack and Jill in Arlington Va and Guys n Dolls in Silverhill Md were the mainstays in my day...
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    snooker tables in Hawaii, Maine, South Carolina, Vermont, West Virginia, D.C.?

    Never been there but I think this is Hi Cue's new location, with Sam being the Korean owner. Could be mistaken ...
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    Mike Surber

    Thanks for the update Doc ... Mike needs peace and justice a good friend gone entirely too soon