Major Tournaments $$


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Any help would be appreciated ...

Any one major tournament info needed

In particular, looking for total prize money of that tournament, how much added, and 1st place payout

Examples -

Dubai tournament - $200k total with $40k paid to the winner. Not sure of the added money

Turning Stone - $25k added, 1st place $ ? total prize money involved

International 9Ball (Pat Fleming's event)

Derby City ?

Super Billiards Expo ?

Mosconi Cup 2018 ?

World Pool Masters $100k added $25k to the winner ? Total purse?

US Open 9ball and 10ball

I know there are quite a few more ... but trying to obtain straight forward info to relay to certain people who may want to get involved in professional pool

Our sport needs new growth. I'm trying to show pool to those not in the loop - pool is a viable business

Again any help would be appreciated

Very Optimistic, Bill