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    Best Custom Joint Protectors

    If you want true high end custom joint protectors then Alton Takada is your man. Danny Surgeon, Tony Layne makes some high quality JPs as well. Jim Baxter is a good choice as well.
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    Sold Josey Timeless Timber, Josey Maple shaft

    Text sent in the 30" shaft. Price?
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    Keith Josey cue

    I will be more than happy to text seno pictures. Thank you.
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    Keith Josey cue

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    Keith Josey cue

    Up for sale is a Keith Josey cue. 4 cocobolo points with flare tips into birdseye forearm. Cocobolo buttsleeve. Black lizard wrap. 19oz. Radial pin. Everything straight together and apart. 1 shaft at 13mm with brand new Kamui black tip. Butt has some dings. $750 OBO. No trades. Please PM me for...
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    Davis ~ Predator ~ Stacey ~ Mezz ~ Meucci ~ Samsara

    Wanting to buy the Carmeli. Please PM me.
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    Schon STL6, with unique Leather wrap, with a Dragon engraved into it.

    It is an aftermarket wrap. I believe Castillo leather goods has those wraps.
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    Top 5 Favorite Custom Cue Makers

    Barenbrugge Josey Capone Cog Barnhart
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    Wanted: James White Mottey Scruggs Josswest Meucci Originals

    I have an unplayed 1987 JossWest. Never chalked, still in original condition.
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    Jacoby Edge

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    Mike Capone Cue

    I apologize to everyone. I'm having trouble uploading pictures. PM me and I will gladly text them to you. I have it on Facebook if you would like to see pics there.
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    Mike Capone Cue

    Up for sale is a Mike Capone cue. 5 cocobolo points into birdseye forearm. Cocobolo buttsleeve with deco rings throughout. Full ivory joint with brass radial pin. 19oz. White with double brown spec Irish linen wrap. 2 shafts. 1 at 13mm, the 2nd at 12.5mm. Cue is mint. Straight together and apart...