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  • i've also got a j&j jump break cue with butterfly points and a brand new mezz standard maple shaft to work with if your interested in a trade+cash kinda deal
    What a match last night between Earl and Po. I would like to know how I lost that $10 tho. 9-8 given two games... Earl must have heard me talking about the arm pads he was better luck next time.
    "Down with opp" man that song brings back some memories-I'm loading it in my iPod now, How did I forget about that song.

    Have a happy new years!!!!! we all need to make sure that 10 aint like 09, that was too brutal,

    take care,
    theres a post about lee brett. this guy is so full of shit. had to have someone post it for him. what a asshole post on it when you get a chance and anyone else that may of had the pleasure of meeting him
    Hey Brian! Of course I remember you. How are you doing? You still listening to that very heavy death metal? ;)

    Things are well with me. Mark just got a gig with a band called NoStar out of Augusta, and is touring around the country (he's a drummer). What are you up to? By the way, are you on Facebook? If so, find me on there!

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