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  • BREAK AND ONE- I sent you a message, don't know if I did it right the 1st time. So, could you explain the scuff and "bumps"? I would really like to have the Molinari cue. Are they just surface marks, or are there chunks of paint taken out of the cue? Could you please take a couple pics of the areas you have described and forward them to me at "tony.mo99realty@att.net. I have an offer you might like to consider. Thanks. Tony Predes (TAP - AZB)
    Break and One- My name is Tony Predes, listed on AZB as "TAP". I am extremely interested in your Molinari cue. Could you please confirm the condition of the cue. You stated that it had a couple bumps and bruises. Are these significant marks, or surface scratches? If the marks are minor, I have an offer for you. You know the cue, and would know whether it is minor or significant. I consider significant a chunk of paint missing, or a dent that has broken thru the finish. You tell me. If you can send a couple pics of the "marks", I would appreciate it. I want this cue. Please send pics to "tony.m099realty@att.net. one other thing. I couldn't really tell from the pics. I assume the wrap is linen??. tp
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