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    FS: Winning One Pocket, Second Edition

    Hey everyone, long time no post! I'm selling my second edition copy of Winning One Pocket. I haven't been playing much these days, and I need to buy a suit for a friend's wedding, so some cash needs to be freed up. The binding and pages are in great shape, some wear on the covers and...
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    Pool cues on Boardwalk Empire (TV)

    In the show's first season (haven't watched the second yet), Arnold Rothstein is seen several times shooting pool at his New York residence. The cue he plays with is far from period: it looks like a steel half-jointed production cue with a low-deflection shaft of some kind, judging by the logo...
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    IDing some old ball sets?

    I found a guy on Reddit a few months ago who said he has an office in a warehouse that has "1000s" of pool balls sitting around. I asked him for a few pictures before he did anything with them, and here's what he showed me: Can anyone help us figure out what he has his hands on here?
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    Building a backgammon board

    I was curious if any cuemakers here or anyone who knows anyone has any experience with custom backgammon boards? I always thought it would be a cool twist on a traditional board to put veneers on some of the points on the board :p
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    NIU refuses to reimburse my ACUI expenses... MIFFED!

    In retrospect, I feel that a lot of what I had to say was relatively pointless. I know I don't have a snowball's chance in hell to get reimbursed, partly because of my own bad foresight and failure to double-check things before I venture out. If you want to read the original post, it's quoted in...
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    WTB: Billiards Digest -- September 2011 Issue

    I'm looking for this issue in particular since it features the results from the 2011 ACUI 9-Ball Championships. That tournament was my third showing at nationals, and although I didn't do as well that year as I had in years past (7th/8th in 2009 and 2010), Raymond (two-time champ) mentioned me...
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    ACUI / Junior Nationals Discussion Thread

    The stage is set. Virginia Tech will be hosting ACUI Nationals July 15-16, and Northern Illinois hosts Junior Nationals on July 6-10. Anyone have word on the players for each of these tournaments? I'll update this post as more info comes in. BEF Junior Nationals - 18 & Under Boys Eric...
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    Bested my high run by 3 balls!

    Not a world-beater number by any means, but I made a run of 58 in practice tonight. I ran most of the first rack after a miss, two more, and then eight in the final rack before missing a medium-long shot in the jaws. The goal of the practice was to reduce or eliminate my slip stroking on the...
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    FS: 6-Point Blackcreek

    Here's a Blackcreek cue I'm posting up here for a friend of mine. It's a 6-point (3 high, 3 low) tulipwood into ebony cue, with railroad ringwork at all five points. The cue has two shafts, both in the 12.7-12.8 range. All together, the cue weighs between 19oz and 19.25oz (best estimate...
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    Beat that pesky Ghost 5-ahead tonight!

    I know for a good bit of you this really isn't that big of an accomplishment, but this was the second or third time I tried playing 5-ahead 9-ball against the Ghost. The time before this I had to quit even to move to give up the table and the set never finished. Tonight, the set started with...
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    Need advice for traveling to Manila

    I'm putting into serious consideration the feasibility of spending a week in Manila next summer. I know I've heard of a few AZers either living in the Philippines or having traveled there, so I'm hoping to hear some input about airfare, places to stay and see, all the such.
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    Shooting in Dekalb, IL / NIU?

    I'm going to be attending NIU for my last two years of undergrad (hopefully) and I was hoping to gain a little more information about the local pool spots. I've been to the tables at the Holmes Student Center, and as a serious player, I'll never return. Are there any other spots in the area...
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    How to retain a new stance?

    Tonight, I worked on my stance, what I feel is one of the major flaws in my fundamentals. As a benchmark, I shot 15 corner-to-corner straight in shots before and after to find a comfortable and effecting stance. My old stance found me consistently missing balls to the right. The new stance...
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    Adding a Buckhorn Half-Joint?

    I just bought a titlist conversion, and I'm interested in adding a buckhorn half-joint to the existing black phenolic joint. I've seen titlists with an ivory half-joint bordered on both sides by thick black phenolic, and that joint makes the whole look of the cue. My current player's got a...
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    2010 ACUI Intercollegiate 9-Ball Championship

    I thought I'd throw a thread up now that all of the qualifiers are said and done with. From what I've gathered so far, there's a good chance that the tournament will be held at the University of Michigan. As of last weekend, they were the only college to offer their union to hold the thing...