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    Live Feed

    Is there going to be a live feed anywhere, and when does it start?
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    What cue case do you guys use that offers the best protection for your cues, dont care about looks just the best protection?
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    Ld shaft

    What company makes the best LD shaft for a southwest, and that is 3/8 11 pin right?
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    Murray Tucker

    Could you please post your pictures of your Murray Tuckers, I would love to see his cues?
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    Who would be willing to sell there spot to me for one of these big name cue makers? Mainly looking for Szamboti, Herceck, SW, Tascarella, BB, Showman, and anyone else just let me know what you got. Let me know how much longer you got to wait, and how much you want for your spot?
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    Hello I'm looking for a Murray Tucker, if anyone has one they would part with please PM me with what you got. Thank You.
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    WTB Tucker

    I know this is a shot in the dark considering most people dont like to get rid of these cues but does anyone have a Murray Tucker they would be willing to sell?
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    WTB Predator shaft

    I'm in search of a Predator 314 1st or second gen, that will fit a southwest.
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    Hey quick question lets see if someone knows this, just got back from the Derby and I was wondering if Dennis Orcollo's Southwest was a Jerry Franklin era, or not and what kind of shaft is he using?
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    early southwest/kershenbrock

    I was wanting to see some pics of some real early southwest cues. When Franklin and Kershenbrock where working together.
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    Any Dickie Neighbors for sale?

    Please P.M me if you have any Dickie Neighbors for sale. Thank You.
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    Half stainless joint

    Why does a half stainless joint hit harder than a full joint? I like both but was wondering for an example Searings half stainless joint hits a lot harder than the full joints. And do most all cue makers offer half stainless joints?
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    Bartrams cue

    Does anyone on here know who has Chris Bartram old Dickie Neighbors cue the one with the ivory and green that was for sale on here a couple years ago? If you have that cue and would like to sell it let me know if not I'm going to have Dickie build me one similar. Thank you.
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    Alex cue?

    Did Alex go back to using his Schon cue? Because the cue he is using right now don't look like the Mezz he was using just curious.
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    WTB Tucker or Haley?

    Anybody have any for sale looking for one of each, but don't know the going rate on these cues.