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What cue case do you guys use that offers the best protection for your cues, dont care about looks just the best protection?


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Something like this, maybe?


Well, you did say you didn't care about looks... :thumbup:


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I have a Instroke Cowboy I have had for years 2x4. I don't see how it could get much better than that


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Protection is important

but is overrated to me. If you take care of your cue case, it will take care of you. Mine goes from the front closet to the Pool Hall, and back again.
I don't have it out in the weather, I take care to store it properly when at the Pool Hall, and I keep it away from from newbies and drunks.

I never leave my cue case in the trunk of a car, I keep it with me.


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Sterling cases with the JB interior are the best bang for you buck, IMO. My vinyl 2x3 was less than $100, looks good, and has an interior that is far and away the best I have seen. Snug, padded fit for butt & shaft, can't beat it.


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Every ding on my cue has happened when it was OUT of my Justis case. It seems no matter how careful you are...:frown:

So, my thinking is that all cases protect. That said, if you're looking for cheap but great protection, it's hard to beat a vinyl covered Porper...very basic, but they protect very well.


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Porper cases seems to be the best bang for the buck. I like the clean lines of Its George and Ron Thomas cases. A friend swears by his Whitten, but that case weighs a ton.

I recently bought this to store one of my collectible cues.


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All cases out there should be ok for whatever cue you own.BUY AMERICAN is all I would say as a case is also an investment so when you buy an American made case you support americans and your money stays in our country and your investment will always hold its most value instead of being made by cheap labor or slave labor and your money and investment is wisely spent in America.Now if you dont live in America than thats ok just buy from a case from a maker from your country and keep the money there.
Other option would be if you have a favorite professional player or players see what case they use and support the company that makes their case to travel with and protect their valuable cues.Efren Reyes,Allison Fisher,Shane Van Boening,Fransisco Bustamante,Jasmin Ouschan and many other of the worlds best Professionals have a case made by Jack Justis cases so thats my preference as if its good enough for them it should be also for everyone else.

Cases built 1 at a time on time everytime.

So your basic advice is that no one outside the usa should buy any case made in the usa?

You prefer to cut off Whitten, Justis, Murnak, Thomas, Melton, Turcasso, and On Cue from sales to foreign lands just to spite a few foreign case makers?

And how do you feel about products made with foreign parts? For example a cue built in the usa with a foreign blank? What would your classification for that be?


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if you are looking for the best bang for your buck with the best protection then you want a sterling black vinyl case. you can buy a 4x8 for less than $100. and if you want a little fancier then the wave case is the next step up.

now, if you want a custom leather case that is a whole big market, a lot of personal preferences come into play.

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I just bought an Instroke (Buffalo) 2x3. It's my second one. My first one, years ago, was an Instroke Cowboy. Lot's of room, strong, and uncommonly handsome.
They're also handy at a tournament where you can leave your cues screwed together. :smile:


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What cue case do you guys use that offers the best protection for your cues, dont care about looks just the best protection?

sterling wave case is the best bang for the buck:thumbup:

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Sterling cases with the JB interior are the best bang for you buck, IMO. My vinyl 2x3 was less than $100, looks good, and has an interior that is far and away the best I have seen. Snug, padded fit for butt & shaft, can't beat it.

Yes, but don't forget this:


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How much protection do you really need? How many times have you actually seen a cue that was damaged *while in the case*?

IMO, I feel that selling the "ultimate protecting cue case" is a bit of a red herring.

If you really want the most bulletproof, cue protecting case made to date(looks and ergonomics be damned), I think the Zero Halliburton is it:


I have personally had one very important cue damaged inside the case. Mark Smith of Mark Smith cues in Arkansas can verify this as he was the one to do the refinish on it after the bottom fell out and the cue slid through a ring of nail points on the way to the floor.

Also I have collected stories from others who also had damage to their cues from the interior of the case. To include Cue maker Steve Lomax who told me this just last week.

But it's not only that the cue is protected while in the case but also that the cue stays in the case until it's deliberately taken out.

My philosophy on this is that the cue should be held snugly in place and not move very much if at all. Even if by accident the case is tipped over or somehow inverted the cues should stay in the case is how I feel about it.

This stems from my own experience of having my cue fall out and get damaged. This is why I started building cases with padded interiors. I do understand that any container works to hold a cue and that ultimately the person holding the container is responsible for how it's treated.

I also understand that you ride your motorcycle and report that you haven't had any problem. Someone else reported on here that they own the same brand of case as you do and that he noticed that his cues developed dings on one trip from the house to the pool room.

I also have another story involving Jerry Olivier. Jerry wanted me to look at a new cue he had just made for a good player. We walked over to the player and he had a cheaper case with an interior similar to yours. The player had to tip the case to get the parts to slide out and as he did all the parts started coming out. All three of us grabbed for the cues but we didn't catch the brand new Olivier before it crashed on the hard tile floor of the Super Billiards Expo. Now the cue had several new dings in it as well. Jerry was heartbroken because he obviously had planned on showing this cue off to many more people during the show.

I took the player to my booth and gave him one of our low end cases with our padded interior and showed him that not only would he never again have to tip his case to get the cues out BUT that if the case WERE ever to be turned over then the cues would not fall out. He was impressed and relieved to know that this wouldn't happen again.

You say that it's a red herring to advertise extra protection. I say it's insurance. People don't put sensitive instruments into loose containers in other fields. No matter where you look on the net the best cases for expensive things are padded and mostly form fitted. It doesn't matter what the industry or activity is the best cases are the ones that provide snug fitting protection for the fragile gear.

Only in pool do people say that extra protection is over-rated or say it's a red-herring. Only in pool does a guy like me get hammered for saying that my case protects better than someone else's does.

Yes, I agree that that you and others travel with your cases and that the claim is that no damage has come to your cues. We can't possibly know this for the pros because we don't inspect the pros' cues before and after their traveling. But I agree that there has been no epidemic of cue damage due to the use of cases like yours. That doesn't mean however that having more protection is unnecessary. Just because nothing has happened to YOUR cues does not mean that damage hasn't happened to other people's cues.

In fact if your case is adequately protecting then having more protection can only be better. My sort of protection in your existing case would only provide for a big reduction in the chance of any damage to the cue occurring.

I will close with this story. I sold a case to a gentleman in North Dakota who told me this story. He owned a case very similar to yours except that it was a $2200 one. Inside the case he had more than $5000 worth of cues. On this particular case the side snap was defective, as happens sometimes with snaps, and the lid would unsnap with the slightest movement of the lid. So this man was constantly having to check the lid and make sure it was secured.

On cold winter night he and his friend were leaving the pool room and he slipped on the ice and the case went flying. The lid opened and the cues shot out across the parking lot and into a snowdrift. Late at night he and his friend were on their knees digging through the snow hunting for a $5000 cue.

All of which could have been prevented with less than $1 worth of padding and a little engineering to construct the interior properly.

Now, to you "extra" protection might be overrated but I guarantee to that to Jerry, the man who had to dig through a snowbank looking for his cues, the extra protection we provide is not only welcome it's also necessary to protect his high end equipment against those accidents of life that can happen to anyone.

In my signature is an interview where I demonstrate the main protective feature of my cases. Anyone reading this can go look for themselves and decide for themselves if the level of protection we provide is desirable or not.


My cheap flip-open case has worked just fine in this Portland rain. As long as the tape holds, the ends shouldn't fall off. :thumbup:

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I really dont know of a case made from anyone that doesnt protect a persons cues as who the hell is going to throw their case around anyways with their cues inside of it.
I only know of 1 person that has their cue case thrown around all over the place and he checks his cue case that holds his cues in it at the airports directly into checked luggage with zero protection to his case and has been doing so for almost 20 years.
He has never had any damage to his cues and thats Efren Reyes who is probably only the greatest all around player of all time.Oh almost forgot to mention Efren uses a Jack Justis case.

Cases made 1 at a time on time everytime.

What do you consider to be damage? There are two types of damage, structural and cosmetic. I would say that you are probably right that Efren's cues have not had any structural damage while traveling in the case he uses. However unless you have personally inspected Efren's cues before and after each trip you cannot possibly say that they have not had cosmetic damage. I do understand that you want to promote Mr. Justis' work and have a bias against foreign makers and me in particular Bobby.

But that should not lead you to make statements you can't back up. That Efren hasn't had structural damage is probably due in large part to the maker of the cue. These days cue makers are pretty good at building decently strong cues that can take a lot more abuse. That doesn't mean that we should subject them to abuse though. I kind of think that Efren doesn't much care about random dings on his cue as long as it's still playable. And at the end of the day we don't know that Efren has never had a structural problem?

How do you know that Efren's cue has never developed a funny buzz that he is not comfortable with? If such a thing happened he probably would not think to blame the case and the constant rattling that the cue endures with every jarring bump. Most people wouldn't think to look at the case as a contributor to the problem Bobby and this is my entire point.

The reason I build cases is to eliminate that issue. At the very least the case will not be part of any cue damage that might occur from rough handling of the case.

To that end I offer a replacement interior for Justis cases so that the owner of a Justis can choose whether to stick with the stock interior or opt for our extra-padded one. With more than 200 sold the overwhelming response has been that the customers feel that they have the best of both worlds, Mr. Justis' legendary workmanship and clean lines coupled with our fanatical protection. I don't see how providing people with peace of mind is a bad thing.

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I have a jb/ case made in 2008 (I think) that I love the best case that money could buy IMO. Thanks Jon...


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I guess it all depends on how you treat your case. If your case only goes from your house to your car to the pool hall in a gentle manner, anything will work. If you're a little on the clumsy side, something a little sturdier will be required. If you're killing zombies with your case on the way to the pool hall, you're gonna need something really solid.

Last I saw, case makers don't line the insides with sandpaper. Pretty much everyone uses some type of plush material, so I don't really see the inside of the case being a worry. If your cue falls out the bottom of your case, chances are you don't treat your case very nicely. If your cue falls out the top when you drop it, perhaps some type of closure (such as a zipper or a clasp) should be employed.

In all seriousness, if you don't care about looks, and are only concerned about protection, how much protection do you really need?