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    Looks like Corey is last mosconi pick (or not)

    I sure hope not. He sucked it up last year and he’ll suck again this year.
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    7 ft or 8Ft ? Which would be the choice ?

    Get the largest table you can. It will make you a better player. Hands down, no questions, everyday and twice on Sunday.
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    I was in the same boat, sorta. I had an 8’ table and went to a Diamond 7’ because “it’s what I play on at league”. Over the years I think my game dropped. Last year I sold my 7’ and purchased a Diamond 8’. Game is back in the way up!
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    Looking to buy a Mike Bender Cue

    Email sent.
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    Ball cleaner project

    Right! I can totally see said idiot as a mall cop, living in mom's basement. LOL. Totally.
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    Ball cleaner project

    Hahaha. My post was facts, yours bla bla bla. I can just imagine how many times you got your ass kicked in high school. Enjoy being an idiot and fighting with everyone.
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    Ball cleaner project

    One thing I’ve learned from being a 15 year azb member..... There is always on f’n jacka$$ in every thread. You sir are the one in this here thread.
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    Sold Joesph Pechauer 1 of 1

    All done.
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    Using white glue for leather wraps?

    So I installed anther leather wrap over the weekend and as usual I used contract cement. However this time I had a tough time fighting the cc. Didn't want to setup correctly, not sure if it was the cc, they thinner, the humidity, or everything. Not to mention the smell. Anyway, I remember...
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    Pechauer rogue 12.4mm

    Used Pechauer Rogue 12.4mm carbon fiber shaft. Mint condition New Kamui Brown Medium tip Piloted joint - Prchauer Pro Series Will also fit a cue with a piloted 5/16 14 pin. Free Shipping (USA only) Venmo or PayPay (add 4% if not using FF) $sold
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    Jerry WcWorter contact number

    Does anyone have Jerry's contact number? I have sent a couple mails over and haven't received any response. I was thinking about giving him a call. thanks
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    Lets see some cues with blue veneers

    I'm about to place an order for a new cue. I'm considering using blue veneers. Lets see what's out there. thanks,
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    Mike Capone cues, opinions needed

    I'm considering ordering a Capone cue. Has anyone owned one? Thoughts? Thanks,
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    Pechauer Rogue Shafts

    I have 4 Pechauer Rogue shafts for sale, 2 are new and 2 are used. 1 NEW 11.8 with Pro Series Joint (will also fit an 5/16 14 piloted joint). SOLD 1 NEW 12.4 with Pro Series Joint (will also fit an 5/16 14 piloted joint). SOLD 1 USED 12.4 with Pro Series Joint (will also fit an 5/16 14...
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    Predator 25th anniversary cue CP PRE LE CAT 1

    Predator 25th anniversary cue CP PRE LE CAT 1 12.4 revo shaft (I can swap out to a 12.9) Cue is new, 100% mint, never hit a ball. Comes with soft case, the limited 1x1 hard case, wipes. $sold I accept PayPal (add 4% if not using friends and family), major credit cards (add 2.5%) I’ll cover...