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  • I'm interested in trading you a gold crown 3 or an older Diamond Professional 9 ft. Can you send me pics of the table and does the table have a light? Text me to communicate better 225-315-4789. Ty. Mike
    I learned a long time ago to put a piece of electrical tape around the cue, above & below, the wrap groove. This will keep the press from running up onto the clearcoat. I use an old signpainter's trick. I cut 2 pieces about 4" long & stick it to my pants leg, a few times. That picks up some of the lint & dust from your pants. It still sticks, but it won't be so sticky as to lift the clearcoat. Always remove the tape pulling towards the wrap. By the way, for 24 years all I have ever used to press my wraps are 2 shafts. One on either side of the wrap. The ends are held in my left hand & I sqweeze with my right hand, on the other end...JER
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