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    Help me place a value on this

    Greetings, I have a buddy that would like to purchase a cue that I have, but my history is that I’m really terrible at making deals with friends. So I wonder if you all might help a brother out. I have a Predator P3, black with the Predator Luxe wrap, has the Z2 shaft that came with it, also has...
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    it just never occurred to me that I might one day need to get something different...

    Please excuse me for asking this, it just never occurred to me that I might one day need to get something different. A few years ago I began to try and work on cues, I became pretty good at tips, cleanings and some other simple stuff. I feel like I owe a big thanks to CueJo (Darcy), his videos...
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    Gambling 101

    Hello everyone. Recently our own ChrisinNC brought us a thread "Gambling Scenario - Opinions" It got some interesting response, or at least I found it interesting. Personally I don't gamble, maybe because I'm careful, or maybe because I'm...
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    If you carry 2 or more shafts

    Do you carry 2 or more shafts with your regular player? For those of you that carry 2 or more shafts with your regular player - are they identical or different? What's your thinking behind this? If you don't - why not? Have you ever been in a position where you wished you did?
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    Anyone else like me?

    So from time to time I'll have a conversation with someone and inevitably the question will come up, "What do you do for fun?" "I like to play pool", "I haven't played in a long time, maybe we can get together and play sometime" I kind of cringe at that. I guess I'm really odd as a pool...
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    Anyone else like me?

    Oops, wrong forum. Sorry
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    Pin Size

    Does anyone have any idea what size the Segen pin is? It looks like a radial, but it's smaller. Anyone?
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    Your Regionals, Cities - LTC's. Tell me about them

    How do your Regionals, Cities - LTC's go? Does your LO get a Hotel Grand Ball Room or an Event Center or some such other space and bring in tables and vendors and the whole works, or does your area have LTC's in a big pool hall and they bring in a mobile tip repair guy, or is your area small...
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    Schon, Whats the difference?

    I've seen many different Schon cues (as we all have), every now and then I come across someone looking for a "Gold Letter" Schon. Does that mean with the 'Schon' logo written in gold on the butt? What would god letters indicate? Also, wonder if you Schon folks could have a look at the pic...
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    girl fight...
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    What makes a break cue a break cue?

    I got to looking at the cues I call my breakers and then got to thinking about what other people break with, they're all a little different, some are really different. I personally prefer a lighter cue with a harder tip, about a 12.5 - 12.75 with a longer taper. If I change the shaft on any of...
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    Samsara - More that just a pretty face?

    So I'm really considering looking into a Samsara. They're beautiful and intricate, highly detailed, impeccable artistic works, but how do they play? From everything that I can find the general opinion is that they are a pretty stiff cue and now they are available with the Samsara LD - The...
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    How many cues do you carry around?

    How many cues do you carry around and why? I was recently evaluating what comes with me when I play and I got to wondering just why it is that I would carry what I carry. I have a great custom case that I got from Gil Castillo a couple of years ago but I really can't justify all the room. I mean...