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    Selling cues

    OK ... couple new folks on my 8ball team this session. Couple folks don't have cues. I am willing to lend one to a team member on league night,, but ... NOW ... selling. I'm willing to sell a few cues - not my good ones .. but decent. Does like 15% to 20% less than what I paid sound reasonable?
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    Joint Protectors

    I'm just curious as to how many of you use JPs. Back in the day when we had a local pool hall it was fairly common - but I joined a league last May - and almost nobody has them. So who uses?
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    Feel vs. Accuracy

    Do any of you have a cue or two that you really like the feel of - but you just don't seem to be as accurate with? Maybe I'm just an odd duck, but I'm in that boat. I really like the "feel" of my Predator and Lucasi cues (softish hit); but when it comes down to it I tend to shoot better with...
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    Make of gloves?

    I realize this was from a long time ago - but does anyone know what gloves Shane and Earl are using in this vid? (and which glove is which if you do know) Just curious - not sure I've seen either of those ones before.
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    The Mosconi Cup is like ...

    First - I'm aware of the "apple to oranges" thing, but I was just wondering what others thought (since everyone's been so quiet about it so far /sarcasm). Is the Mosconi Cup more like the Superbowl? ... or more like the All-Star game? Personally I see the US Open as the "Superbowl", and the...
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    Kudos to the cuemakers ATC forum

    I've had a few times where I've posted to a specific forum rather than this general one. Often there's just not a lot of feedback. I recently posted a question at the "Ask The Cuemakers" forum and was really (surprisingly) impressed with all the great quality feedback. Just wanted to give a...
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    I'm looking to have a cocobolo SP made, and I'm seeing 3 different joints that are common. I've emailed a few folks, but I'm not really getting much input Thought I'd try here at AZB, and see what you folks have to say. Normally I'd post to the main forum - but thought I'd try here first. 4...
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    new cue

    ok ... gonna (going to) order a custom Schmelke SP Monday. Now it's time to pick a custom cue maker for something ... 1k or under. I'm thinking: 1. Pat Diveney 2. Bob Frey 3. Chris Nitti 4. Keith Josey Granted that under 1k it's not going to be very fancy. Still - I trust the collective...
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    Stand up and break

    At 60 it's not often I try to change much about my game anymore, but I haven't been real happy with my break. I've checked my follow-through, moved around the table, etc. - but still not getting the results I'd like. So .. I sat and studied a few of the pros and how they broke. I noticed that...
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    Quincy IL

    I'm going to be headed there for a week to visit my lady friend. If anyone has somewhere around there they'd like to mention as far as a good place to play - let me know.:)
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    Favorite Music

    For those of you who like to listen to music while shooting - what are some of your favorite tunes? While The Beatles are probably my favorite group - it's not what's in my ear when I'm playin. Some come to mind pretty easy like Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" (due to the vid), or maybe "Don't...
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    Time trying a cue

    Most of us have tried a friends cue .. a shaft. Maybe for a couple shots, maybe for a few racks. Sometimes we buy based on how it felt. Sometimes we adopt a "I don't like it" view. I'd be interested in any views here. Mine: I bought a Huebler back in late 70s early 80s. I was on really...
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    tips - backing questions

    I did ask this in the main forum and got what I considered a very good reply from Chuck Fields. Still - it was suggested that I ask here for any further details and explanation. So ... I noticed on Seyberts site that some tips are listed has having a backing - many are not. I also noticed the...
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    tips - backing questions

    I noticed on Seyberts site that some tips are listed has having a backing - many are not. I also noticed the "pads" they sell. (as do other sites). What is this backing? What does it do? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?
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    table mechanic

    southwest PA .. south west of Pittsburgh.