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    Rags to Rifleman question

    It is by far the best and most enjoyable book I have ever read. I hated to have it come to end. Good luck finding one. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Where is Michael Tosado?

    Just wondering. He appeared to be headed for greatness.:smile:
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    Dominican Republic

    Are there any places to play in Punta cana , Dominican Republic?
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    AZbilliards Room at DCC?

    Do we have an AZbilliards members room this year? If so is it to late to send money? I have not seen any mention of a room this year as in years past. I have always paid into the members room even if I did not go. Please let me know what is going on. Thanks.
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    OB2 Nick Varner and Huebler cues for sale

    I have an OB2 Nick Varner sneaky pete put together by Mike Gulyassy. The OB2 shaft has Mike's Freeze put on it and a Kamui Super Soft tip. It is in great condition and rolls straight together and apart for $225. I also have a Rose Wood Huebler that might be a 1973 that I had refinished by Steve...
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    Shoot-Out: China vs Japan (2012 World Team)

    These guys are just having too much fun! Congratulations to China.
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    Where is Marlon Manalo?

    What the heck happened to him? I have not heard is name mentioned in a long time.
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    John Brumback Student's Report Card

    Ok it is time to see the report cards of the John Brumback DVD Owners. I got my DVD at DCC from John and had instant results the next day in the azbilliards room and have just gotten better everyday since then. Now what about you? I have been putting the time in like he said and the improvement...
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    3 ahead or Backwards from the 9?

    Which do you do? Buddy Hall says think 3 balls ahead so you do not run out of shots. Johnny Archer sees the whole table and maps it out backards from the 9ball. Both are easier said than done both are good ways to look at the table but what do you do and why? For those that see backwards this is...
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    Free poolroom signs!!!

    That's right folks I said FREE!!! I simply have to many signs and I want to send them to good homes. Just pay the shipping cost of $19.95 each and one or more can be yours. They measures 5 1/4 in height x 22 in long. No combine shipping cost, the post office goes by weight just like all shipping...
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    Free Poolroom sign!!!

    That's right folks I said FREE!!! I simply have to many signs and I want to send this one to a good home. Just pay the shipping cost of $15.00 and it is yours. It measures 5 1/4 in height x 22 in long. First come First serve. PM me the address you want it shipped to and I will give you my...
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    English Towards the Pocket

    I was watching this kid who is a pretty good gambler play 9 ball and I was amazed that he seem to be hitting the cb in either one of 2 places no mater where he was on the table. It was always 1 tip below center and just to the right for shots he was cutting to the right (inside english) and just...
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    Josh Roberts Stories

    I have seen this young man play for a few years now and he is truly amazing! Just watching him and following some advice he gave me has brought my One Pocket game up a solid 3 to 4 balls on the average over night. Real nice guy and was wondering if anyone had any stories about him? He is hanging...
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    I hit with a Gina Today!!!!

    I hit with a Gina today and this must be the stick that the Angels in heaven shot with. Man it felt like air in my hands, smooth as silk and hit like a dream. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it. All of you Gina owners my hat is off to you.
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    Pool Hall Junkies is now on Netflix

    Pool Hall Junkies is now on Netflix and can be seen instantly.