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    What pool related present did you get?

    My wife got me these for the Christmas tree! Considering she's not a big fan of pool I was really surprised she got them!
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    About time I added something to this great thread.......
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Just remembered this one!
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    For those who know me.....

    ...I think there are a few. I wasn't sure if this was pool-related but I guess it's aimed at everyone I've gotten to know through AZB so that'll do (although with my aiming lately I'd probably miss!) Most folks know I've been living in the USA for awhile now & have been acting as a...
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    AZB forum member pictures

    I suppose I'll put the most recent pic of me in here. That's me on the right. That was taken at the end of our last Thursday night league a couple of months ago. We took 1st place & our skipper (in the red hat) took 1st place in the individual rankings. Unfortunately we're not doing quite so...
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    How was 2007 in pool for you?

    I got thinking about this a few days ago & decided to start a thread. Personally, I have to consider 2007 a succesful year for me where pool is concerned. The highlights so far (yes, I know it's almost 2008 but you never know!) 1. I became totally hooked on AZB! 2. Thanks to meeting Donovan I...
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    WPC 2007-live internet coverage dates & times

    Whatever happens now I have to cheer for Mr. Peach. He's English, he's bald & he's winning! Just for moral support, here's a pic of another bald Englishman who won! This was taken on Thursday night. I'll leave it to you guys to spot the Englishman!:D
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    Off to a good start for a 20 week season!

    Time for a pic of the Thursday league winners, or 4 of them at least. From left to right: Josh Horne, Steve Horne (loc712), Larry Land, Ade Brooks (chilli66) The big trophy in the back was Steve's for winning the individual rankings. Very, very nice trophy (I wanted to swap it for mine!) As...
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    Asking for prayers & thoughts

    As some of you may know if you've read TXPoolsharks thread "Off to a good start for a 20 week season" (which has become a constant update between me & him on league stuff) one of my teammates had to quit playing earlier this summer due to sickness. He had problems with his back & legs & had...
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    My first attempt at Straight Pool

    First off let me say I've been wanting to try my hand at straight pool for awhile but just hadn't gotten around to it. I'm mainly an 8 ball player & occasionally 9 ball. So, I arrived early (as usual) for league last Thursday & was watching 2 guys I know play some straight pool, just to 30...
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    But didn't Keyser Soze really look like this?
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    Best Pool Gadget Ever: The New Apple iPod "Touch"

    What? That's some hi-tech stuff there! Try this.... State of the Ark all the way!!!
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    Post No. 1000

    Wow, I'm more than a little surprised that I've hit this milestone in less than a year! I'd like to think that somewhere among those posts are 1 or 2 good ones! Funnily enough I think one of my first posts was in Solartje's thread when he hit 1000. So, I thought I'd take the opportunity to...
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    Volcano's Tournaments

    This place is getting busier every week, and the fields are getting tougher! 3 events each week now. Friday: Scotch Doubles 8 ball Saturday: 8 ball singles Sunday: 8 ball singles First Sunday of each month: 9 ball singles. All tournaments are double elimination & cost $10 per player. There...
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    Too Hot - Too Hot

    The idea of wildfires scares the hell out of me! I do hope you get some good rain out there soon to damp things down. I'm thinking you need it to look something like this... Something like that should help! The pic comes from this thread