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    happy birthday JAM!!

    Happy Birthday ! Hope It's Been A Great Time !
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    The AZB New Book List

    Book I have lost that I wish I still had, have seen them going for crazy money,,by Johnny Holiday and secrets of high runs. Bought it back in the early 70's I'm thinking and went to work on my straight pool game on my table at home , which helped everything later on. Thinking back I'm thinking...
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    Sam K-steel Cushion

    If K55 profile is the same , I would look over to Classic Billiards for the pricing of the Brunswick super speed cushions. Check the link below. I recently purchased the K55's for my Centennial and shipping was free and set up so far is straight forward...
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    2V12 AKA John Herke

    John lived in Greensboro NC and played out of a lot of different rooms over the years. He was in the pool scene over a 40 year span and accompanied Earl many times to locations out of the state to play large money matches. He had a great collection of cues that he acquired over the years, and he...
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    Remembering Dorothy Wise Part 2

    Enjoyed your post , thanks for the good read about a great Lady of our sport.
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    Anniversary Rails

    Have installed the new cushions on only one of the rails for the time being and all has worked out well. Question, there was just a small amount of wood pull out on one of the rails and when heading out to restock on Bondo, I have found there is a new type out that is called High Bond and is...
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    Anniversary Rails

    Mr. Bradshaw, just noticed something in your pic, that I needed to ask you about. The small line showing at the top of the rail , being above the cushion, should my rail installation mimic that and have the rail down that far ? I mocked up my new rails with tape and by using my Starrett mic they...
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    Disks Under Centennial Rails

    Thanks for all the responses , little history to add towards fasteners ,,The furniture industry gave up on wood screws back in the early 60's because of a couple of things, 1 the threads were tapered and 2 they were slot head instead of phillips head. The twinfast screws then came around and...
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    Could y'all explain this to me?

    At one time, anyone who played a sport such as baseball or football and didn't receive money from the team were considered amatures. Once they began playing for a team or playing for purses they were considered pro's,,They tried to bury Jim Thorpe back in the day by taking away his Olympic...
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    Disks Under Centennial Rails

    If anyone is interested in the Stafast inserts I mentioned above,,the link below shows the product,, sold millions of these parts over the past 35 years.
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    Disks Under Centennial Rails

    The metal disks that the 3/8-16 bolt goes into from underside of the rail. The screws that hold the disk in place are loose in many spots. I can turn some of the disks and then drill new holes to take care of the problem, but there are a few that have been turned many times already and that...
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    What a Mess

    Yep, your right. I had forgotten how long ago I had set the table up. Little over 10 years since I put the last cloth on, and brushing doesn't really clean. Guess it's time to give her a sponge bath. I have the slates off , and I marked everything from the center slate still screwed down , how...
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    What a Mess

    Finished the dismantle of my Centennial last night. When I took another look at it today, just shook my head. There was a layer of chalk all over the rack side of the slate and caked on there heavy ,,in almost like lines ,thick I mean. Sorta shaky about just cleaning it with water to get it all...
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    Anniversary Rails

    Table is torn down now. The pocket facings turned to dust when removing them from the rail. I have the new K55 rubber and will start working on the install for them next week. The old rubber came off well, but there are a couple of small spots that I will bondo over where some wood came off...
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    Anniversary Rails

    Going on 34 years now, and I'm turned to the dark side of the force now, it was gradual mind you , but She assured me , it was the prudent thing to do. Another thought has hit me. The place on my slate , where the spot is. That is worn over the years,,is there a glazing compound that is...