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  • i'll kiss-you-on-the-lips next time, Honey (with our better-halfs' approval)! sorry i missed meeting you - and giving you a run for your money...!
    small world! i've known John Herke for 10 yrs. KK9 introduced me to Adam - great player. will do!
    WTF! Chip's back and no less on AZ. Great to see a post. We'll have to hookup soon.

    What up with Galveston and Earl?
    New to this forum--I played a lot on the road back through out the 70's and ran with some of the great players from the East Coast until 1981--finished in the high in of most of the tourneys that I played in with major players of the day-won a couple of small ones with good players attending. Last tourny I played in was back a few years ago--The Roanoke One Pocket tourney that's mentioned here often. I hadn't played in years, Billy J (Wade Crane) and a few others knew I lived close and got me up to play for this one and I finished one step out of the money--wouldn't ya know Billy beat me outa the cash-so that was 11th out of a feild of 64--While on the road, I traveled all around the U.S. Got to travel with Billy Johnson, Danny Simila,Steve Carter,Eddie O'Connell, Irvin" Bill" Lawson--and an old Pool detective Jim Heldreath--
    High run in straight poll was 184--have ran a session of 11 in nine ball once--many runs of 100 balls in straight pool--dropped out of pool back in 81--
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