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    Wanted: Cuemaker for conversion

    Around Easter there was some really sacrilegious postings on AZ by someone and I reported it. Only time I ever reported anything. Of course my complaint was ignored. That poster is the only person I have on ignore.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Red Adair was a frequent customer at my aunt and uncles cafe in Morgan City back in the day.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    If the hallway is only 25.5" wide why do you need a 36" door? If it won't fit down the hall................ I apologize in advance. Still don't understand how this could really be useful.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    This is really just another inconvenience. If you get a 1099 for merchandise sales you probably have a basis in what you sold. You may even have sold at a loss. It will be either a long term or short term gain or loss. Schedule D on your 1040. You are not required to claim occasional small sales...
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    Severe eye allergies

    I don't have an enclosure (next on my list). But I do have two dust hoods mounted vertically on the lathe and an air filtration unit near the ceiling. I wear a dust mask and sometimes a respirator and face shield depending on what I'm doing. Several months ago a friend came by while I was...
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Yes, it's a horrible feeling. It's being violated. It takes a long time to recover from that no matter what is taken. I was burglarized 17 years ago. The insurance company covered my loss, but no amount of money could really compensate me for what was taken.
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    I know someone who recovered a stolen cue by posting flyers at all the bars and pool halls with a picture of the model and offering a reward. The thief peddled it to an innocent unsuspecting buyer and the transaction was witnessed by someone who saw the flyer. Thief was caught and the police...
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Pawn shops know a lot of what they get is stolen. Many are nothing more than thieves themselves. The cues could be in a backroom waiting for interest to wane before being offered for sale. Pawnshops are also increasing their use of Ebay, etc. to move their wares. I would set up an alert to be...
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    Not arguing with the 3% being a fair price to pay for protection. Any transaction with someone you don't know is risky and the fee that should be paid by the seller is sometimes transferred to the buyer. I have never seen a business request friends & family. This seems to be the purview of...
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    First...I Eat

    I'm not much of a one pocket player but I like leaving the cue on the rail close to the three off the 15. I don't wear rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. But I like my watches.
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    PayPal offers two levels of service: Buyer protection with the seller paying the fee or the buyer paying the fee. Free transfers with no protection. Zelle offers free transfers no protection. CashApp offers free transfers no protection. Venmo offers free transfers unless you charge it to your...
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    Not likely with PayPal. They make a boat load of money investing the balances in member's accounts, "float". They know there is going to be the occasional F & F transaction that is neither friend nor family. There are also many free alternatives that fall into the F & F category, CashApp, Zelle...
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    Have exotics inflated in price as much as plywood?

    I started my "river of wood" in 2005. I would buy a good bit when the sales appeared from the usual sources. I label and price everything as it comes in and file the invoices. Ebony has definitely increased considerably, but not as much as tulipwood. Most of the other woods commonly used in cue...
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    Unmanned spray booth brainstorm for safety improvement

    Interesting video by McDermott. A little long at around 19 minutes but shows their entire process including their finishing method, that is electrostatic. I know there have been some issues with this finish if you have to do a rewrap. The finishing segment starts at around the 13 minute mark.