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    THE GREAT UNKNOWN - pool documentary

    Has anyone seen this great documentary?
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    The newest Mosconi Cup member!

    I'm humbled and excited to be able to showcase my talent and skills on this fine team and lead my country to victory! Thank you all for your support! Shout out to my sponsors: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Taco Bell, USDA Prime Steaks and Trojan Magnum. USA! USA! USA! USA!
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    Turning Stone - rip off

    Living in the Northeast, I often get asked my my friends why I don't play in the Turning Stone tournaments. First off, I'm terrible and it's a waste of $200+ But more importantly I don't like their policy. In order to play in the tournament, you must sign up about 9 months early because it...
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    shaft edge to contact point

    Just wondering if anyone has used this? I don't remember ever seeing it here. A buddy of mine, very strong player, told me he uses this and learned it from the Filipinos. From toying with it a bit, it seems any shot that's half ball or thinner you can aim the inside edge of your shaft to the...
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    OB Digicue video

    Shane at OB asked me to put together a video explaining how the Digicue works. First of all, the product is awesome. I had to play with it for a few days to get a sense of what I wanted to do for the video. I hope this helps people understand the product and how...
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    bumperless cocobolo sneaky - Klapp/Summers

    Beautiful, simple and unique bumperless cocobolo sneaky. Brent Summers made the blank, Steve Klapp finished it. The wood is super pretty, showing about half of the cocobolo heartwood. When you roll it, the density of wood makes it seem like the cue isn't straight, but the cue is straight. Plays...
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    Sugartree - ebony & mallee burl

    Selling my Sugartree with two shafts. It's been my player since 2012. Hits great, looks beautiful. The ebony has streaks of the heartwood, very pretty. 18.75 ounces 13mm shafts 3/8-10 modified pin Sold pending payment
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    Refinishing Gold Crown

    **Disclaimer** This is probably going to sound stupid: I'm planning on refinishing a gold crown, just as a hobby to see how it comes out. I have minor wood working experience but figured it would be fun. My plan is to sand everything down and finish with a black, somewhat matte finish paint...
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    Steve Klapp, Predator black and P3

    Posting a few cues for a friend.
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    How to fix pool!

    Everyone has ideas to fix pool... how all these ideas sound...
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    A pool reality show that actually made it? Is it true?
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    Idea for AZBILLIARDS mods - the swear jar

    I understand that swearing is against the rules around these parts but some people, including myself, bend the rules when their buttons are pushed. So why not a swear jar? You said something wrong.. you owe $2. Don't pay it... then time out time. AZ collects a little money, people can speak...
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    Brand new: Mezz wx700 shaft 3/8x10

    I have a mezz wx700 shaft with 3/8x10. New, never used. Asking SOLD
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    Browns over buffalo ML and points

    I'm drunk. Wrong place.
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    Under Armour making pool pants?

    Under Armour is marketing their new chinos toward recreational activities (pool/bowling). Pretty cool and good style but I'm sure they're outside of some dresscode... Promo: website for purchase...