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    SBE 2017 Pickup

    By Dennis Searing... ~Chris
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    For Sale: Sugartree Bocote Cue

    For Sale Only: ~~~SPF~~~ Thanks for looking, Chris
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    Searing User

    My daily player...
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    FOR SALE: OB Lift Pro

    FOR SALE: OB Lift Pro jump cue I was fortunate enough to win this on here months back. I simply do not use a jump cue and want to let someone else actually use it. NO TRADES! SOLD net OBO shipped via USPS Priority insured lower 48 states PayPal preferred Thanks for looking, Chris
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    FOR SALE: 2014 Jeff Olney PJ

    FOR SALE: Lightly played 2014* Jeff Olney PJ (less than 20 racks on my table) Ebony & BEM (very difficult to show the beautiful brown streaks through the ebony) 3/8 x 10 MasonH ferrule pooldawg8 Milk Dud tip delrin joint protectors made by Jeff *delivered direct to me in March of this year...
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    OB Cues & AZ Billiards

    THANK YOU!! I was fortunate enough to win an OB Lift Pro Jump cue in the Gold Member Giveaway! The cue was delivered yesterday and it works great, I have never owned a jump cue but this was easy to use. With practice, I am sure it will be a very useful weapon for me. Thanks again!
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    For Sale - Blackcreek Fullsplice 4 pointer

    Up for sale is a brand new Full Splice 4 pointer delivered at the SBE. Palisander into BEM All white is ivory 5/16 x 14 piloted SS 1/2 joint Triangle tips Butt - 14.91oz.// 29" // straight Shaft 1 - 4.65oz. // 13 mm // 29" // straight (test hit) Shaft 2 - 4.63oz. // 13 mm // 29" // straight...
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    For Sale: Older JossWest 4 pointer

    Up for sale is an older JossWest 4 pointer. Ebony into BEM 5/16 x 14 piloted SS joint ivory ferrules non-layered tips Edit: There is a weight bolt Butt - 15.88oz.// 29" // straight Shaft 1 - 3.56oz. // 12.32mm // 28-11/16" // wobble (tip does not leave the table) Shaft 2 - 3.55oz. //...
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    For Sale: David Kikel 4 pointer

    Up for sale is a David Kikel 4 pointer. Purpleheart into BEM Inlays are ivory 5/16 x 14 piloted ivory joint Buttcap is white plastic/phenolic non-layered tips Butt - 15.59oz.// 29" // straight Shaft 1 - 4.21oz. // 13.16mm // 29-1/8" // slight wobble Shaft 2 - 4.19oz. // 13.18mm // 29-1/8" //...
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    Jeff Olney - Striped Ebony PJ

    This cue was just delivered last night and I already love it. Jeff's work is so tight and clean. In my opinion, he is the most underrated cuemaker out there today. Dollar for dollar you can NOT find a better cue. I asked Jeff for an old piece of ebony that had some character. He sent pics of...
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    2014 Blackcreek - My SBE Delivery

    Hi all, This is my first cue from Travis and I must say, it was a very smooth experience. And he delivered exactly when he said he would. Palisander into a gorgeous piece of BEM. And it plays much better than it looks. Weight and balance are perfect for me. Thank you Travis...
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    Available at the SBE

    Didn't make it to the show... Thanks AZ!
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    FS: Searing Cue Available at the SBE

    No longer for sale...
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    It's been quite some time since I owned a Sugartree. What a great playing cue! Still playing around with my camera. I have my sights on a new lens recommended by a great photographer on this site. Thanks for looking, Chris
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    Birthday Present - Back from the Searing Spa

    The weather has sucked in the Northeast for the past several days. However, today I received my cue back from the Searing Spa on my birthday. A complete refinish, new premium elephant ear wrap and new joint protectors. I couldn't be happier with the results! I have a new camera and the...