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    Fargo Pool... Link please

    Read some references to Mike Page's game.. was away and google not helping me. Anyone have a link to what Fargo Pool is? Or just explain it to me. I've loved just about everything Mike has posted btw. He's clearly onto the break luck playing far too big a role in modern games. Just behind the...
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    Earl, come out to playeeeay.

    Here's the game Earl has been dreaming of, to put an end to this lucky break, lucky snooker / kick game with dribbling, rolling and stunning to bore us all stupid. Shitpost attempt, but consider the implications of a multi-rail sport. All in good humour with fellows who appreciate shot making...
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    Video Introducing Strokepool

    I've been developing a pure offense, entertaining shot making game for several years and have settled on the version shown in this introductory video. It addresses several aspects that I feel diminish other pool games, in terms of player development and entertainment. Granted, this game will...
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    Free Stream $24k Final 2 Shot Pool in 30 mins

    ***UPDATE*** This is now a day old (May 16, 2016), a recording of the match is here: Subscribe to Cueballtv on youtube if you enjoy this content. All broadcasts are free to watch. It's mostly 2 shot 8 ball but some US Pool and Snooker events from Australia...
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    Making a Comeback at 50 Y.O. ~ Video of recent try.

    Hey AZBers, It's been about 9 years since I've got enthusiastic about billiard sports. Back then I attempted to 'fast learn' US 8 ball for the IPT. Over the last few months I've been energized to practice more often than I have in years. I've got a 7 foot English 8-ball table in my lounge room...
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    Bridge Step-Adjust Alignment Method

    This is a method some traditional aimers may find beneficial, particularly if they encounter issues with aligning perfectly through Center Cue Ball (CCB). Let's start with the example of a center ball shot, no squirt and say firmish follow to reduce the effects of throw changing the OB angle...
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    Shape Route Nonmenclature Proposal

    [Edit: Sorry about the unintended irony in the misspelling of nomenclature in the title.] Perhaps because I have an interest in multi-rail CB positional games, one of my frustrations, to which my signature of many years will attest, is the lack of efficient terminology available to us in...
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    Clear some space Joey A

    Hey mate, trying to send you a message but you're full up. No need for anyone to respond, just let the thread sink into the memory hole.... Colin
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    If a foreigner wants to match up - where to go in the US?

    Myself and others I know have considered going to the US and playing for money. While I've been to the US 4 times, I'm not very familiar with the pool geography. So, assuming I don't want to play bank pool or 1 pocket, more so 8-ball and rotation games, which are the best cities / states to go...
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    In the ZONE x 3: About the best potting & position anyone can see!

    Ronnie O'Sullivan v ex World Champ Sean Murphy. Ronnie gets into a zone that he is famous for, and makes a very hard game look like child's play. As good a clearance as I've ever seen. If the link doesn't take you there, it's 1 hour and 44 mins into the...
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    Analysis of Stan's 1/2 tip pivot

    This video of Stan's (Phoney Pocket Part 2) provided about the best view I've had thus far of the half tip pivot, which is usually obscured by the CB or too low res in other videos. I recall previous suggestions over the years that this pivot does not...
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    Cue not at CCB after alignment? A quick fix trick.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here who, after aligning (setting bridge) to pot a ball, my cue is not aligned through CCB along this line. Usually my tip is to the left of CCB by a mm or so. This is caused by a perception problem between what I see further away, focusing on the OB and...
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    World Cup of Pool - Day 4 & 5 Updates

    Oops, thread should be Day 5 & 6 Updates, not Day 4 & 5. Could admin change it? All quarter finals to be played today. Semis tomorrow afternoon and Final tomorrow night. Streams here: Free:
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    World Cup of Pool - Day 4 Updates

    Day 4 - 6 Matches to Conclude Round 2 - Races to 7 England A and Japan are already through to the Last 8. 12:30pm session Austria v France Indonesia v Romania Poland v Chinese Taipei 6:30pm session Czech Republic v Qatar Singapore v Finland England B v Philippines
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    World Cup of Pool Day 3 Updates

    Won't be as much fun around here with US out of the event, but still some good pool to come. Here is today's schedule: 12:30pm session round1 Spain v Czech Republic Finland v Belgium Greece v Singapore Race To 7 6:30pm session round1 England B v Sweden Race To 7 Round 2 Holland v Japan...