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  • Thanks eric, I just got on SW list so I can Have one for my sixtieth bithday in 10 years. In the meantime a friend just started work with Mike Lambros, and he is local, so I think I will go that route for a now.
    Have fun, Dave
    i do have a 60" SW that I bought new in 86, I will never sell that cue-its family you understand.

    I have a couple other 60" cues but nothing really forsale. My advice for you, and I consider this solid advice-if your going to play with it have the cue built for you. Pick a cue maker figure out what you want and build it-thats what I did with that SW. The reason I suggest this because there are not lots of 60" cues for sale. Or perhaps you want 60.5" or 59.5" or 59" when you build a cue to play with you can dial it in to what you want. If your looking for a cue to collect and use now and then; in that case shop around for something thats already to go.

    thats how I see it, one disadvantage to that is when you have a cue made it might not play good when you get it, thats happened to me more than once. So if you find a used or new 60" cue you can test drive that's not a bad plan either. but I like the idea of building a cue the best.

    let me know if I can help.


    there are similar hitting cues to SW's(I cant remember who rite now-i will find out) but still not as good. Save your$$ and buy a SW, I got myu first one in 87 its worth about 8-9times what I paid for it. you cant lose buying a SW right. I have friends who have been using them for 20+ years and never changed cues. They areamonth the best players period
    good luck

    they both twist their wrist in naturally, its just coincidental-I asked JA about that, it works and is real hard to do, JA said it came natural to him(what didnt) sorry to take almost a year to get back to you/
    Thanks eric, wishing you a great 2010. Hope we get to meet sometime this year.

    Eric, you posted in a thread about info from earl and JA on wrist twisting, can you share that info?
    Thanks Dave aka cookie man
    Cookie man,

    Happy Holidays,

    this is your eletronic Christmas card, I'm sending it to all my friends here and other people I dont know(yet), I'm in the Christmas Spreait this year!!! And want to share that gret feeling with my friends and pool player I havent met yet!!! 09 was a brutal year for all of us, so a litle joy now is what the Dr. ordered!!!

    I wish you to have a happy Christmas and a great 2010!!!

    shoot straight, and my best regards

    Eric aka Fatboy
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