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  • Hey dude. Your at the US Open with your pops and I didn't want to bother you. I really cant stand hustlers. I've never laid down playing people. It's like lying or stealing from people and they don't even have a clue. There's a guy in Greensboro named Jamie Bruce who goes by Jay Bruce. There's a video of him playing Justin Bergman on Youtube , but they are buddies and Jamie got 20% of Justin's winnings. I'd love to ruin his hustling career on AZ..... LOL... How do you feel about hustlers ??? He also dumped with me backing him in Fayetville. Then he goes back and gets the money without me. I could care less about the money. They make more of it everyday. I think I'm more pissed about him wasting my time. Anyway that's enough of me venting. I was just curious of your thoughts on hustlers ????
    Nope. It's just 4 of us with an alternate, we've never had any coaches whatsoever.
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