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    Identify Butt

    it is an old brunswick. maybe from the 70's
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    Help Identifying this Custom Cue

    Is there a reason why you started another thread referring to the same cue In your other posting?
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    Anyone recognize maker ??

    Rocky Tillis was adamant about using 5/16X18 and I believe Ernie Gutierrez used that pin a lot. I personally don’t have an issue with it.
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    Cue ID from reddit

    They’re on eBay. apparently the plain one is warped
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    Any Cuemakers in NC?

    maybe you should mention where you are located. there are a few cue makers in Charlotte. I believe Gulyassy is in Greenville SC. I think he would be a better choice.
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    Does this Schon cue have ivory inlays?

    Maybe it is recon ivory like McDermott uses. I had a Bridgeport model that was expensive and believed it was ivory inlays only to find out some time later it was not solid pieces of ivory, but recon ivory, which I believe means reconstructed ivory.
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    'Nother Cue Identification - Adam (Japan)?

    pretty plain cue. $60-$90 in my opinion.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Once they realized they miscalculated the angle, they had no choice.
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    Cue I’d help please!

    The guy says it is an Adam cue, but I believe it to be a Viking cue and told him my opinion.
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    Fellini Cue Case Identification Help Needed

    the extra length looks to be in the lid. maybe a special order to hold longer cue.
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    Brunswick cue info

    The logo is from the sixties I believe, but I do not know if Brunswick made it.
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    Brunswick cue info

    I think there were several companies that made Brunswick cues. A picture of the Brunswick label might help determine the company.
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    Unknown Custom Cue?

    Based on the wrap, I say an inexpensive import Trying to look like a Helmstetter
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    Ginacue Value?

    i do not know what kind of taper he uses on the butt section, but some cue makers use a taper where the joint never touches the table.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    what else would the R in npr stand for?