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    Searching for Cue

    Did you get an itrader rating for the transaction?
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    Pool Cue for sale

    Hello. I have for sale a Pool cue that I do not know who made it. The only possible identifying mark is what I believe to be a diamond inlaid in the butt cap. I acquired the cue out of Ohio. Maybe someone here can inform as to who the maker is. I believe the cue to be an older cue and could...
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    ?? Dean Martin's ginacue ??

    Hello. While searching on the internet I ran across an article is Sports Illustrated from August 5 1968.It was a story of Ernie and it had a segment mentioning a group of Hollywood Matrons who were Board of Directors for SHARE who were looking for a gift to give Dean as thanks for helping out in...
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    McDermott D-17

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    Fellini SUNBURST

    Sold -- sold-->
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    Adams family? Cue ID help please?

    Points look like WICO. Does it have 3 points?
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    Lou Butera Cue by Viking

    Hello. I have for sale a Lou Butera cue made by Viking. These were made in the 90's and there were 17 models to choose from. It was the Lou Butera "top Cues" line and mine is a TC-16. the majority of these cues were fairly plain cues. This cue has three points with a single black veneer...
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    So what is your Sneaky Pete / Sleeper Cue?

    any questions
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    McDermott Wildlife series WC-1 BEARS

    SOLD. Cue has been sold.
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    Cues for sale $230 EACH shipped

    Cues for sale $180 EACH shipped !! $180 SHIPPED !! Hello. I have for sale a variety of cues. Maybe you will see something you like. If you are a Perfectionist you may not want to waste your time as these cues are old and most are not Perfect. I think my price reflects the conditions of the...
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    Brunswick 26 1/2?? & another antique cue

    antique cue Hello.I have for sale a unique cue in original condition and is !! $280 !! shipped. . OTHER: Butt 29" L -- 15.85 oz -- looks to roll pretty true to me-- there is a very fine crack about an inch below the joint -- I have had no issues with the crack. Flared butt cap. The line...
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    Carom King RAMBOW??

    deleted as it sold
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    Brunswick Carom King by RAMBOW?? Unique wrap

    Sold sold.
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    Woodworth cue for sale

    gone SOLD. Cue is sold.