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  • It's a boring head, as stated in the text of the post. Easy to find if you look on line.
    Sorry, i am talking about the offset that is attached to the drill chuck on the tailstock.
    I could use one or something similar
    thank you for such a nice REP message, I will REP you tonight when I make my REP rounds.

    my very best Eric
    isnt getting a new cue the best feeling? I never get tired of that feeling, dosent have to be a monster, heck a D series McDermott just thrills me as much as a big cue from a big maker.

    I'm just out making friends tonight with people who I dont talk to much on AZ I read your posts and I figure you have read a few of mine. So hello.

    Best is to just spend a weekend experimenting with all that gear!

    Although a ton of gear will not make a better photographer, it certainly helps make better pictures!

    Use the tripod and a cable release to eliminate camera shake, and if possible, use natural or fixed light rather than a flash.

    The flash can often cause a glare you don't see when setting up the shot...
    hi there,

    i'm in Vegas, i really need to photograph all my cues, I have been saying that for along time. I have all the equipment, I published catalogs for years and we did alot of table top photography, as I have the camera bodys, lenses, lights, everything but the cove(it was built in). I just dont know how to use all the equipment or have the time/patience to learn. I tried to get into photography and it just isnt my bag. But I appericate good picutres of wildlife, cues, cars.

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