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    Carbon Fiber Shafts

    Original post says they are for a radial pin.
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    Jesse Bowman v Dennis Orcollo 1 game of 8 ball 5k

    I can't get this to play. Can you check it. It would be interesting to see!
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    WTT - GO Custom Shaft

    Looking to trade a 29" 13mm GO Customs SL 5/16-14 CF shaft with a hard Kamui clear tip in excellent condition for a Cuetec Cynergy 12.5mm or a Pechauer Rogue 12.4mm in same condition. Great shaft but I have gotten used to the 12.5 Cynergy and just can't get comfortable with the 13mm. Will take...
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    4 point Phillipi player

    I've had the pleasure to hit a few balls with this cue and it plays very solidly with nice feedback.
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    Fullsplice Conversion

    Beautiful cue. Excellent job on the conversion.
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    Good afternoon Tom, I would like to order 10 of the soft Ivory tips. I don't do Paypal and...

    Good afternoon Tom, I would like to order 10 of the soft Ivory tips. I don't do Paypal and would like to pay for them by check or money order. I ordered some SIB tips from you in 2016 and paid by check. If that is OK with you please provide me with the correct mailing address to send the...
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    Birdseye and ebony with teal and white veneers with matching extenesion

    Great looking cue with just an outstanding butt sleeve! Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.
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    cheap shooting glasses idea ?

    Try or They have a wide variety of styles, some with large lenses that appear to reach above the level of the eye brow.
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    Rare & Fancy Gus - Ebony Front, Big Pin, Ivory Joint - Price Check

    What a fantastic cue. Congratulations to your friend for owning something this special!
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    Another 9-ball rack Variation to solve pattern results

    After re-reading the original post, I thought it best to reply in this one. Were there any problems with racking the traditional way and putting the 9-ball on the spot?
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    8-point Thuya Burl and Holly into Ebony

    That's a sweet looking cue. You should be proud of your work.
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    Sold Predator Roadline

    What's the weight and does it have a weight bolt?
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    May 19-20 Efren Reyes vs Justin Bergman 15 ball Rotation and One Pocket

    So what was the outcome from the two days? Thanks.
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    Meucci black dot shaft - like or not

    While I never played with one, I had the opportunity to test hit a couple when they first came out. I thought they played dead and were the worst feeling shafts I ever used. I had used the solid maple shafts, both original and red dot and really liked the way they played.
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    Joss cues - could you consider them more custom or production

    You can virtually get anything you want made from Joss. Choice of woods, number of points, sharp or rounded points, choice of veneers, choice of inlays and inlay materials, choice of wrap, choice of weight, length of cue, shaft diameter and ferrule material and choice of tip. I don't see how...